Gabriele Nicolet
Speech Pathologist
Washington, District of Columbia
22 years of experience
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About me

Gabriele Nicolet, MA, CCC-SLP is passionate about helping children reach their full potential and about helping parents reduce frustration and increase their parenting joy. The mother of two teenagers, Gabriele has 20 years’ experience serving families both with and without speech and language difficulties. Gabriele is a child development specialist, speech language pathologist and parent coach. She is the owner of SpeechKids, a private practice serving young children with speech and language needs in DC, MD and VA . She is also the co-founder of Raising Orchids, an online education and support community for parents of neurodiverse children. She speaks regularly with parents and educators on topics including social emotional development, speech and language development, setting kids up for behavioral success, and strategies for managing difficult behaviors.


MA in Speech Language Pathology (2001)

Certification and training

Life Coach Certification (2021)

Memberships and affiliations

American Speech-Language & Hearing Association

PROMPT Bridging Trained Clinician

PECS Trained Clinician

ABA Trained Clinician

Anxiety Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Child/family Therapy Childhood Growth and Development Early Parenting Educator Evidence-Based Care Evidence-Based Therapy Family Consultation Fathers' Issues Parenting Parenting Support Positive Thinking Regulation Problems Sibling Preparation Strengths-Based Therapy Telehealth Toddlers

English, French, Spanish

Service introduction

When families come to me, kids and parents alike are anxious and frustrated. No one is having much fun. My unique process offers speech therapy for toddlers and a parent coaching component. And when we combine these two elements, kids make faster progress with their communication and everyone feels better sooner.

Late Talking Protocol
We'll decrease meltdowns, decrease frustration and increase communication and fun! This package includes: 8 weeks of daily, direct, 10-minute enrichment sessions delivered via Zoom with your toddler to get them beginning to imitate and use words. 8 weeks of weekly, 30-minute play sessions with a "Time In coach in your ear" to boost your confidence in playing on the floor with your child. 8 weeks of weekly 45-minute parent coaching sessions (couples or individuals) to dive into parenting concerns and work through parenting differences.
USD Flat rate
Direct Speech Therapy
Online, individualized, direct speech therapy for young children (ages birth to 5) delivered in flexible intervals (once per week, or multiple times per week) tailored to the needs of your child. We'll create goals and work through them in a systematic and fun way!
USD Per hour
Parent Coaching
Raising a child with special needs comes with a set of unique challenges. What therapies does my child need? How often? What should we work on first? Why is my child so hard to parent? How can my parenting partner and I get on the same page? Why does my child behave this way? We'll dive into these questions and more during parenting coaching and get at the root of why parenting feels so hard. You'll come away with more understanding and more peace about your parenting journey than you thought possible. Six 45-minute sessions with potential for continuation.
USD Flat rate