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Gwen Mack
Sleep Coach
Cleveland, Ohio
1 years of experience
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About me

It can be hard to navigate the vast amount of information about infant and toddler sleep. I can provide you the information and help you learn about sleep. We will work together to build a personalized plan for you and your baby to meet your sleep goals! Let me help you & you can say GOODBYE to the overwhelm!


Bachelor of Science Behavioral Neuroscience (2021)

Certification and training

Certified Sleep Consultant (2022)

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Sleep Consultant


Service introduction

I’m Gwen Mack! I am a Licensed Sleep Consultant with The Peaceful Sleeper. The Peaceful Sleeper is a company founded by Chrissy Lawler. She is a Family and Marriage Therapist and she created The Peaceful Sleeper because she found what a toll sleep depravation can have on a marriage and on a mother. Through my studies on the neurobiology of sleep and learning the intuitive and responsive approaches to sleep that The Peaceful Sleeper teaches parents, I find joy in helping moms become the mom and wife that they want to be! Sleeping enough allows both mom and baby to thrive while they grow together. I can guarantee you better sleep using a holistic and personalized approach! I will meet you where you’re at and solve how to get you where you want to be with sleep in your house! Get help TODAY!

Advanced Consultation
An Advanced Consultation is a phone call that we discuss: ☞What issues there are with sleep ☞Goals for your child’s sleep ☞What developmental stage your child is at ☞A personalized plan to meet the goals ☞Any questions you have for me! If you are a first-time parent or your current baby is WAY different than your other(s) when it comes to sleep, it is great to get on the phone and build a plan. Personality and temperament are two contributors to how a child learns and reacts to change! These are 30 to 60 minute calls that will give you a realistic, tailored-to-your-little-one plan. You will leave the call feeling more confident and hopeful that you can meet your sleep goals! These are by far the most effective way to improve sleep TODAY!
USD Per hour
Premium Package Consultation
This is a product designed to give you the support and follow-up that you need while learning your baby’s sleep needs and how to adapt to optimize their sleep. We have a 60-minute consultation and when you are ready to start working toward your sleep goals, we will have daily check-ins for two whole weeks! These can be 10-minute phone calls or texting through the day. Two weeks gives you time to think of more questions, run into more obstacles I can help troubleshoot, and gives you support while you’re going through teaching your baby! You also get three VERY helpful PDF Sleep Guides, and Chrissy Lawler’s eBook Get Your Sleep On.
USD Flat rate
Premium Plus Consultation
This is, by far, the most hands-on approach to getting my help and support. Not only will you get the entire 4-24 Month Guide Package & eBook, but you will get real-time help! Let me help you meet your goals by having a 60-minute Consultation where we make a plan, and TWO bedtime meetings from the time you put your child to bed until they are asleep! On top of that, you also get two whole weeks of daily check-ins to ask questions, troubleshoot, and adapt to your child’s needs! If you know your family needs to bite the bullet and make intentional changes around sleep, this is your package!
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