Hannah Miner
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Birth Doula
Sandy, Utah
3 years of experience
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About me

I am a birth doula and registered nurse. Although I currently work in same day surgery for the nice schedule, I have also been a labor and delivery nurse. I love being able to help women who want unmedicated hospital births. I know very well how to work with nurses and doctors since I am one! My goal is to help you achieve the birth you want and give you outstanding education so that you can make informed decisions.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2018)

Certification and training

Birth Doula Trained (2020)

Birth Doula


Service introduction

I meet with the parent(s) and we go over an in depth birth plan. Here I ask a lot of questions about the ideal birth and what that would look like. I write it all down and bring it to the birth with me so I can take care of as many of those details as possible. Next I give a class going over different birthing techniques, stages of labor, when to go to the hospital, and basic breastfeeding. When parent(s) want me there for the labor I come. Some meet me at the hospital and some I go to their house beforehand. I am there throughout the whole labor and delivery (taking care of birth plan details, providing comfort measures, counter-pressure, etc.) and then after helping with the first feed I usually leave you to spend some time alone with the baby!

Doula RN
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