Hart Williams
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Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2 years of experience
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About me

My name is Hart Williams and I am a yoga teacher, reiki master and doula in Sioux Falls, SD! I work with the body’s innate intelligence to help you find your most aligned healing modalities, tap into your inner strength & create a sacred space of zen within your physical being.


Associates of Arts: Theatre (2015)

Certification and training

250 hr hatha yoga teacher (2018)

100 hr prenatal yoga teacher (2021)

holistic birth doula (2022)

Birth Doula Postnatal Yoga Prenatal Yoga Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Yoga


Service introduction

As a holistic doula- I am here to help you energetically through reiki healing and physically with prenatal & postpartum yoga, relaxing modalities and breath work. I am also here to provide informational support by making sure you are aware of all your options and rights as a birthing person! I am here to help facilitate the most sacred time in your life with lots of love and light.

Prenatal Physical & Energetic Support Package:
RENATAL REIKI: 5 prenatal reiki energy healings lasting 20 minutes each where we align the chakras and send love, strength and reiki healing energy to the womb and baby. Great for calming nerves, relieving pregnancy symptoms and creating a bond with your baby. PRENATAL YOGA: 4 private 1 hour yoga sessions to help prepare the mind, body and soul for the journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. BIRTH PREP: A 1 hour session either in person or via Zoom of guided meditation, light reiki work and discussing any questions or concerns you might have about birth.
USD Flat rate
Birth Attendance
ENERGETIC SUPPORT: During your labor and birth, I will help create a serene environment filled with all the good vibes you want for your little one's earth side arrival. I will take you through a reiki energy healing during early labor to give you strength and power during the more intense parts of labor and then birth. After baby is born, we will do a reiki healing session for you and babe together. PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: I offer physical support such as accessing acupressure points to stimulate labor, relaxation massage during early labor and taking you through breathing techniques as labor progresses. For emotional support, I'm there to cheer you on, go over inspirational mantras and do everything in my power to keep you feeling calm and empowered. INFORMATIONAL SUPPORT: I will help you assert your birth plan and make sure your voice is haeard and respected. In case of intervention or unexpected happening, I will keep you informed of ALL of your options and the risks and benefits of each choice.
USD Flat rate
Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum
PRENATAL PHYSICAL & ENERGETIC SUPPORT: Everything that is included in the prenatal physical and energetic support package is also included in my doula services! 5 reiki healing sessions, 4 prenatal private yoga sessions and a birth prep session to answer any questions you may have about your birth. CONTINUED SUPPORT THROUGHOUT PREGNANCY: As your doula, I am never more than a phone call away! I provide my personal phone number so you can call me anytime with questions, concerns, or in times you need support. I also offer 6 one-hour prenatal visits (online or in person) to help you however you need (shopping for baby, meal prepping, guided meditation, addressing questions and concerns in person, etc.) BIRTH ATTENDANCE: I will be right there with you when the big day comes! I will help you advocate for yourself, affirm your birth plan and provide you with options during this sacred time. I offer physical support such as relaxation massage, emotional support such as mantras, informational support such as letting you know all of your options in case of intervention or unexpected happenings and spiritual support such as reiki healing sessions for you and your baby. POSTPARTUM VISITS: I will come check on you in person twice and then follow up with a virtual visit if you would like to make sure that you are adjusting to your newborn well and having a good postpartum!
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