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Childbirth Educator
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Every person we interact with deserves the right to feel held and witnessed in their reproductive health experience.

Certification and training

Full-Spectrum Doula (2019)

Childbirth Educator (2012)

Abortion Doula Care Birth Doula Birth Support Birth Trauma Brain Based Hypnotherapy Breastfeeding Support Building Healthy Communication Childbirth Education Grief and Loss Home Birth Hypnobirthing Method Infertility Labor Doula LGBTQ+ Newborn Prep Parenting Support Postpartum Doula Care Pregnancy Loss Relaxation Techniques Returning to work (pumping, breastmilk storage, etc) Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Water birth


Service introduction

A safe, healthy experience is always most important. Doulas are for all reproductive health events across the spectrum. We support high- and low-risk, those in need of assisted reproductive technology, those desiring to minimize interventions, and more. All financial pathways to working with Hello, Tapestry are valued and respected. We do have scholarships available. Details for applying are listed under the Organza package.

Soothing your baby while you rest Although we are glad to help with basic newborn care, many new parents prefer to care for their babies themselves. Our doulas will bring baby to you for feedings and diaper changes as requested. Help with baby’s first bath Practice with babywearing / gear Basic newborn feeding troubleshooting; referral to advanced support if needed Simple meal prep / prep ahead for the next snack or meal Light housekeeping: kitchen duty, laundry, trash out etc. Help with pumping, bottles, formula, return-to-work plans etc. Companionship for the adjustment period!
USD Per hour
Apply for complimentary or low-cost care including: Abortion doula Fertility treatment support doula Loss / bereavement doula Birth doula Postpartum doula
USD Flat rate
Complete childbirth education, 4-week class series Two 90-minute prenatal visits with your primary doula On-call phone/text support from your primary doula Continuous labor support from your primary doula Troubleshooting bonus: A 30-minute check-in around 35 weeks to firm up support details Two postpartum visits after baby comes home
USD Flat rate
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