Ivette Fullerton
Mental Health Professional
San Diego, California
10 years of experience
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About me

Hello! I am a certified perinatal mental health professional through Postpartum Support International. I have been working with families of young children on and off since 2013. I have my Master’s in Clinical Social Work and working towards my licensure. My own personal struggles in child birth and postpartum led me down a journey of healing. I recognized the struggle it was to find a provider that understood my mental health issues regarding motherhood & my culture’s influence. I decided to return back to the mental health field little by little after dedicating 6 years to my children. Seeing the overwhelming need in my community that the pandemic brought. I believe in decolonizing Maternal Mental Health & addressing it holistically through mind, body, spirit, community, & culture.


Master’s of Social Work (2016)

Bachelor of Health Sciences (2009)

Certification and training

PMH-C (2021)

Memberships and affiliations

Postpartum Support International

Anxiety and Depression Aromatherapy Babywearing Belly Binding Birth Trauma Building Healthy Communication Career Counseling Child/family Therapy Childhood Growth and Development Circle of Security Parenting Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Contraception and Family Planning Dialectical Behavior Therapy Family Planning Grief and Loss Health Coach Healthy Eating Herbal Postpartum Care Infant Care Internal Family Systems Therapy Keeping Fit LGBTQ+ Mental Health Mindfulness Mood Disorders Motivational Interviewing Newborn Care Parenting Parenting Support Perinatal and Infant Loss Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Perinatal Mood Disorders Positive Thinking Postpartum Adjustment Postpartum Care Postpartum Depression Postpartum Life Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Pregnancy Loss Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum Therapy Prenatal Care Prenatal Life Regulation Problems Relationship Issues Relaxation Techniques Reproductive and Parenting Returning to work (pumping, breastmilk storage, etc) Self-Actualization Self-Compassion Self-Esteem Sibling Preparation Solution Focused Therapy Spirituality Stress Management Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum Support in Pregnancy Loss Telehealth Toddlers

English, Spanish

Service introduction

I personally understand how difficult it is to find affordable specialized care as a new parent, therefore I offer a sliding scale fee. It is important for providers to acknowledge the impact oppression and intersectionality have on mental health which I why I offer discounted rates for individuals from BIPOC and/or LGTBQI2s communities. Please reach out via email or text to discuss sliding fee rates.

Individual Coaching Sessions
Not everyone has the same needs. I believe that in order to achieve wellness it is important to address the person on a holistic level: mind, body, & spirit. By identifying individuals' innate strengths and goal setting, I can help individuals back to balance.
USD Per hour
Gentle Parenting Support
Parenting is the hardest job in the world if you do it intentionally. I have taken courses on gentle parenting techniques with an Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach. I still have young kids myself and still struggle with being gentle and intentional but I am committed to healing generational patterns through my parenting. I believe that everyone you meet can teach you something, and I learn the most from my clients. I can provide basic gentle parenting techniques, education on boundaries, and provide a safe space to discuss the difficulties and triggers of parenting while healing.
USD Per hour
Pregnancy & Postpartum Support
I offer emotional, spiritual, and mental support during all 4 trimesters. Preparing new parents to transition and adjust to the new version of themselves during one of the most vulnerable times in their lives. Packages are offered during each trimester for a flat fee. Tailored for each individual's needs which can include: coping skills, nutrition education, preparing for birth, planning for postpartum, psychoeducation, goal setting, and minimizing emotional distress.
USD Per hour