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Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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I grew up on a farm in Lexington Kentucky and the mountains of southeastern Kentucky where I developed my love for nature, the arts in all their forms, and caring for others. I moved to Wisconsin during the Covid pandemic and have come to love this beautiful state and the people here. Shortly there after I decided to train as a Doula through DONA international as I believe every woman deserves a safe, happy, and healthy pregnancy and birth and I want to be able to help however I can. As your doula I will be an emotional support, free of judgement throughout what can be a very stressful time to help give you that sense of calm and boost of confidence when needed. Birth is such a huge life event, I love getting to learn about you and your background's traditions surrounding birth and finding ways to integrate those with your comfort measures to help give you the best birth experience possible for each situation.

Certification and training

Birth Doula training through DONA International (2021)

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DONA International Member


English, French

Service introduction

You can expect to meet with me at up to twice prior to the birth, I'll be there for your labor, I'll meet with you once during postpartum, and you'll receive plenty of text and later into pregnancy phone support as I check in with you during your pregnancy and into postpartum or if you have questions. No matter how you give birth, at a hospital, home, high intervention, or totally natural I'll be there to support you. -Prenatal visit 1: This is the time for us to get to know one another even better and have a heart to heart. I want to hear all your hopes, fears, and wishes for your birth. We'll work on three birth plans, trust me here I make it easy. Your ideal to if you can only have some of the things you want to deciding what are those few things that are the most important to you that way on the big day if plans have to be a bit more flexible.We'll go over what support during labor you’d like from your birth partner, how I can help your them be fully involved, likes and dislikes for various things, what form of support from me in labor best suites you, birth and pregnancy history, etc. I'll show you what I carry in my doula bag to make your birth experience more comfortable and I'll give you a local resource list. -Visit 2:At the second visit we'll work on comfort measures for your birth and go through positions and breathing techniques. We'll practice so everyone involved knows what mom likes and doesn't like to make things as comfortable as possible. It will also be a great time to revise the birth plan if need be, finalize all the contact information I'll need, and make a plan for postpartum. this plan would include going over warning signs in the postpartum period, figure out who is supporting you after the birth and how they can support you (chore lists, meal trains, etc.) If you are planning to breast feed, we can cover information on that here too. -Birth:While you're in early labor text me and we can celebrate together and go over signs and symptoms and work out a plan for the next few hours. When you're ready for me to join you wherever you are call me and I will get to you within 90 minutes. Once I get there I am you have my full attention and support. I will follow your lead to support you how you need whether that's encouraging words to remind you that you've got this, to calm and comfort, to apply pressure or other comfort measures for your aches and pains, to helping you get into any position you want to try. I'll be there to support you and your partner from beginning to end. When baby arrives I'm more than happy to capture memories as you enjoy that golden hour together and get you the things you need to relax feel comfortable after labour. -Postpartum visit:Now that your little one is here I will still text and call you to see how you're fairing. Around four to six weeks postpartum we will schedule our visit. We'll talk about how postpartum is going, review your birth, and if need make any referrals that could help with what you may be going through. As we wrap things up you'll receive a parting gift picked just for you.

Birth Doula Services (one prenatal)
This includes only one prenatal, labor, and the one postpartum visit. You must schedule a consultation first and pay retainer. Payment plans available upon request for the rest of the payment.
USD Flat rate
Birth Doula Services (two prenatals)
This option includes both prenatal visits, labor, and postpartum visit. You must schedule a consultation first and pay retainer. Payment plans available upon request for the rest of the payment.
USD Flat rate
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