Jacqueline Wilson
Sleep Coach
Toronto, Ontario
4 years of experience
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About me

Jacqueline is a certified sleep consultant through The Family Sleep Institute, and trained Good Night Sleep Educator. She is a mother of a very busy little girl and three very busy fur babies. When Jacqueline had her daughter, she had done a lot of research on what she needed for the arrival of her baby but once she was home from the hospital realized that she hadn’t learned anything about infant sleep. At doctors’ appointments, she found she was only being asked if the baby was sleeping and wasn’t given much advice on how to make sure the baby was getting enough sleep or even what enough sleep meant. Through her own discovery she learned all about sleep and how important it is not only for a baby but for everyone in the family. Jacqueline then set out to help others who were in the same position as she was once in. Jacqueline can’t wait to help families achieve their sleep goals! In her spare time, she loves to spend time with family, listen to music, play with her dogs and be outside!

Certification and training

Certified Sleep Consultant (2020)

Child Behaviour Certification (2021)

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach


Service introduction

Creating custom sleep solutions that work for your baby or toddler and your family. Programs range from Newborn to Adult. A combination of DIY and one-on-one support.

This Newborn loves Sleep!
This DIY online sleep training program includes the guidance and information you need to establish a healthy sleep foundation for your babe from the very beginning.
CAD Flat rate
DIY Sleep training Program (4m-12m)
For the do-it-yourself “I just need a plan” parent wanting the information to establish a healthy sleep plan. Best for self-starters seeking a flexible and cost-effective solution.
CAD Flat rate
SOS 1:1 Sleep Program - (4m - 12m)
A 2-week program for those who need to stay consistent, accountable, and guided! Best for those looking for full support, personal attention and a shorter commitment.
CAD Flat rate
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