Jamie Dibble
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Birth Doula
Colorado Springs, Colorado
1 years of experience
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About me

Hi there! I am a Birth Doula serving the Colorado Springs area. I am trained through The Catholic Doula Program and DONA International. I have had four positive birth experiences myself and love helping other families also have great experiences. As I complete my certification, I am offering a discount on my rates. Contact me for details!

Certification and training

Catholic Doula Program Training (2023)

DONA International Training (2023)



Service introduction

Free consultation, phone/email support during pregnancy, assistance with a birth plan, pre-natal meetings, continuous labor support, and post-partum visit. Will provide emotional, physical, informational, and spiritual support.   

Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

Jamie was a wonderful fit for me and my family. She walked with us through a high risk pregnancy and was flexible as things changed. She was very prepared for the hospital birth. She was an excellent advocate for my wishes. My husband felt she was a great support to him as they helped me labor. She was calming and supportive though the entire experience! I'm extremely grateful for her support and would be blessed to have her for future births!

- Kathleen K.


Jamie did such a phenomenal job as my birth doula! This was my first time using a doula with my fourth baby and I wish I had her with my other births! The emotional and physical comfort she provided was invaluable to my experience. She really empowered me to be able to do a natural birth and gave me lots of affirmation through pregnancy, the birth, and postpartum. I would absolutely recommend her!

- Becca Z.


Jamie was a great doula for my home birth, which was also my first birth. She was prepared to help me when I was overheating, and supported me through helping my husband. Her prayerful support was wonderful. She also kept supporting me post partum through difficulties such as my baby's tongue tie. Very happy with Jamie as my doula!

- Laura S.