Jamie Ortiz

Sleep Coach
Orlando, Florida
About me

I’m a bilingual pediatric sleep consultant with a passion to help parents reach their goals when it comes to their child’s sleep. I firmly believe with consistency and methods YOU are comfortable with, it can be reached.


Bachelors in Communication (2013)

Certification and training

Pediatric Sleep Consultant from The Cradle Coach (2021)

Adoption & Foster Sleep (2022)

Newborn Care Specialist (2023)

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Sleep Consultant

English, Spanish

Service introduction

I offer a variety of services but all come with a personalized sleep plan and on demand support so you never have to wait for an answer. Always blessed to be able to support our military, their family, veterans, AND first responders (and their families), I always offer 10% off any sleep service. Se habla español

Get Me Involved
My most popular service. Here you will receive a sleep and feeding log where I look for trends pertaining to all things sleep. You will also get a personalized sleep plan pertaining to your child where you I offer two methods and you choose which one you’re comfortable with. Training call with no time limit, & 2 weeks of UNLIMITED support
USD Flat rate
The Works
This one is my most hands-on sleep service. Here you get a customized sleep plan, sleeping and feeding logs, your no time limit training call, 2 weeks of on-demand support BUT ALSO..... 30 minute follow up call to be used when needed, a bedtime chart if you have a toddler, and an exit email with tips and advice to help carry your infant into toddlerhood.
USD Flat rate
Nap Schedule Guide
This guide is a PDF file with different schedules to help you navigate your little one's sleep. Starting at 4 months of age and going up to 4 years old, I give different schedules to help you find what works for YOUR child.
USD Flat rate
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Ratings and reviews
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Most flexible, caring, communicative and fun sleep consultant. We worked with another company a few months ago. They were good but Jamie just knocks it out of the ballpark. The previous sleep company wanted me to just let my baby cry it out, the lack of flexibility to our family’s dynamic made me feel like a bad mom at times. But Jamie couldn’t be more human, warm and outright fun. This was the complete opposite from past sleep consultant experiences. She’s put together the most comprehensive sleep guide specific to my son’s needs. I had spent months reading about his sleep and still learned more from her guide than from months of tooling. Then when it was time to put her guide into practice, she was gracias and flexible whenever we messed up. Provided tips & tricks to get back and did it with love (no shaming). And even showed us the light at the end of the tunnel whenever we thought Dani (our son) was not cooperating/ready for it but it turned out it was just us doing it wrong. She helped us fix things right away and my baby was WAY HAPPIER instantly. Plus, she’s prob the most affordable sleep consultant you’ll ever find. Trust me. Just book her and save yourself days, week or in my case months of sleep deprivation.

- Maria G.


I heard about Jamie through a friends great recommendation and she has been more than expected. Her availability is truly unmatched and her personal touch she gives in her advice and meeting you where you are is what i feel sets her apart. She isn't afraid to be honest in an encouraging way and never makes you feel less than in your feelings. Her plans are well thought our and very specific to your child and their needs. she is knowledgeable, professional and really there for you as a client that makes you feel like a friend! When applied as she states, her plans are very effective in getting you and your baby the sleep you both need.

- Elisa G.


Jamie was so helpful. She listened to all of my concerns and really made it a point to come up with a plan I was comfortable with. Now my son naps at daycare every day and falls asleep at home without a fuss.

- Mei-Ling C.


Being a mom of 3 and dealing with lack of sleep was the worst! My last baby who is 3 years old would wake up every single night and just run all over his room and come to my room and wake me up also. Jamie was able to help me create a sleep plan that worked for us and for my little guy. I am so thankful that now we both get a full night sleep. Her support through out our sleep plan was comforting. The best part is that I live in South Carolina and everything was able to be remote. Such a great experience for our family.

- Steph A.


I purchased Jamie’s Get Me Involved package. I couldn’t be happier with the service she provided. She explained and worked with me very patiently as the process for a first time parent is a little harder. As I Wanted to have my baby with me at all times. During my moments of frustration or wanting to give up she was there supporting me at any time. My baby is now sleeping through the night in his crib. No wakings and no wanting me to hold him or rock him to sleep. The best gift as a parent you can give your child is being able to put themselves to sleep. Jamie not only have that gift to my husband and I but to my baby as well. Thank you Jamie!

- Cerimar C.

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