Janelle Moore
Offers virtual services
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Mesa, Arizona
1 years of experience
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About me

Janelle grew up in Arizona since early childhood with a passion for people and instilling joy in the day to day. She began working with people in various settings throughout the Phoenix area early 2012 and found that calling cemented more than she'd ever known. Since then her journey has taken her around the world and back learning to serve and work with children and adults. Janelle discovered the beauty of birth work while supporting a loved one in labor early 2023 and has found herself honored to serve mamas and their little ones since. Carrying a particular heart in birth work to create a supported space where mamas thrive, Janelle emphasizes an environment where women are strengthened, supported, educated and encouraged in every way as they and their family prepare to welcome their littlest into the world. When not at a birth, preparing for birth or studying birth Janelle will typically be found working with kids, hiking, reading or learning to play guitar while soaking in Phoenix sunsets as often as possible.

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Service introduction

The heart of Neshama is to strengthen & empower mothers and couples in birth. At Neshama I carry an emphasis on providing evidence based educational resources to parents. These resources show options available with an awareness of the risks and benefits of each, empowering parents to make the decisions that are right for their family. Whether you choose to pursue a natural birth, epidural, cesarean or other option for your family, I am passionate in every stage of labor about working with mom to increase feelings of comfort and safety while offering guidance for smooth progression of labor. At Neshama I work with clients from every background and walk of life with a focus on carrying peace into the birth room as mom's strength soars and shines. I am particularly passionate in working with moms who have had a disheartening birth experience; bringing empowerment and a refreshed joy in the beauty of birth. Birth can be an incredibly healing, beautiful experience and it is a cherished honor to come alongside mothers walking their journey into just that.

Pregnancy and Birth Support
Evidence based education, resources, and physical and emotional support throughout pregnancy and birth. Includes 1-2 in-person prenatal visits prior to birth, labor support, 1 in-person postpartum visit and remote support throughout.
USD Flat rate
Postpartum Support
Providing Mamma and family additional support to allow rest and recovery at their fullest. Includes infant care, meal preparation, light housekeeping and more. Overnight care is available.
USD Per hour