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About me

I am currently a birth doula and a soon to be childbirth educator who has a desire to educate, support and empower women to have the birth that they desire.


Bachelor of Arts, Palm Beach Atlantic University (2005)

Certification and training

Certified Birth Doula, Birth Boot Camp, INC (2020)

Birth Doula


Service introduction

I offer education, support and encouragement during pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Ratings and reviews
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Jenny is a caring, compassionate, wise, assertive helper who provided me with such amazing support before, during, and after the birth of my daughter. She provided my husband and me with so much care, reassurance, and comfort in those critical moments leading up to the birth and then was such an encouragement and good listener afterwards. I would highly recommend working with Jenny for a positive birth experience!

- Sarah C.


Jenny was truly a heaven sent doula for me and my husband. She helped me heal some previous birth trauma I had experienced and never healed. She helped me create a birth plan that helped me gain confidence in myself and my capabilities! It was an INCREDIBLE birth and I really owe so much of that to her and her emotional support before, during, and after my delivery. Highly recommend the very lovely Jenny.

- Rachelle V.


I highly recommend Jenny if you are in need of a doula. She helped me with my third birth and if we are blessed with another, I would not hesitate to work with her again. She has the perfect balance of being knowledgeable but considerate of your own perspectives. I went in to my third pregnancy with a lot of fear about the birth based on my previous birth experiences. My labor was really quick and as soon as Jenny met me at the hospital my panic calmed down enough for me to get that baby out safely! I really don't think I would have been able to do it without her.

- Kate M.


The moment I met Jenny my fears about giving birth naturally went away. I was anxious about the experience, but no longer scared! When I needed her at my house during contractions I remember seeing her face and a wave of calm & happiness over me. No one has ever been able to instantly calm me with just their presence. She was with me for 14 whole hours and was so patient with me as I insisted I couldn't keep going during labor, but jennt assured me that I could and she was right. If she weren't there I don't know what I would have done. I can't thank her enough and I can't say how much I recommend her to any woman planning a natural childbirth!

- Kaitlin M.


IRREPLACEABLE! I just birthed my first baby, at home, 2 weeks ago with Jenny’s assistance & I cannot imagine doing it without her. From the first day we met there was an instant connection & I was welcomed with open arms. She was exactly what my boyfriend & I needed to get through labor & birth. Throughout the pregnancy she was extremely informative, was always there & happy to answer any questions I had. Jenny seemed to always understand what was going on, ready to validate feelings & advocate where needed! She made me feel so strong, heard, & seen! I’m not sure if we will have anymore kids but if we do, Jenny will be my first call! You will not regret it! ❤️ Thanks for everything!

- Mikaela B.


1. Was having a doula helpful to you and your partner? Absolutely! In all honesty, I didn’t have expectations for a huge shift in comparing my previous (doula free) labors. I was so wrong! Hiring a doula was a total game changer in my delivery. My husband and I both said repeatedly how amazing you were and we were so grateful for the support you provided both of us. 2. What aspects of support were helpful? Everything 😉 More specifically, I loved the way you guided and directed Ben. I think men in general have a hard time knowing how to help their partners, they want to, but they’re often left feeling helpless. And honestly as a woman and entering my third delivery I didn’t even truly know what I wanted/needed. You were so great at providing support for Ben on how to best help me. Ben and I never felt you were demanding or controlling. You were simply the best person in the room to provide the most knowledge on having a comfortable labor. You carried this through with patience, peace, and professionalism. I loved trying different maneuvers and using your suggestions for better positions for me and baby. It relieved so much discomfort. I also loved having someone guide me through labor when nurses and doctors weren’t in the room (which is often!) I never felt alone, completely cared for. 3. Were there any aspects of support that were NOT helpful? Definitely not, I can wholeheartedly say that. 4. Would you hire a doula again? In a heartbeat. Wish I would have had you for my other two labors! 5. Any other suggestions or comments? You’re just the best and I tell everyone about how lovely my experience was, and that they need to hire you. Best decision eve! Thank you for following your calling. You made labor such a peaceful experience-which I think is the goal for all Mamas.

- Alison S.


1. What would you say was your biggest fear or worry about birth that led you to hire a doula? Did it play out as expected and how did having a doula help you work through that fear? As a first time mom, I had no understanding or expectations about giving birth other than what friends had shared with me about their experiences. I assumed I would follow the recommendations of my physician, and that was really my only plan –I would figure it out along the way. To be honest, I had no idea what a doula was; I had never even heard the term before, but having a doula to provide guidance throughout my pregnancy turned out to be the biggest blessing. My mother passed away seven years ago, so I did not have a trusted family member to guide and help me, as most others do. But Jenny supported me and played an integral role in shaping a positive pregnancy, which exceeded all my expectations. 2. What, specifically, was the most helpful part of doula support and why? I found having a doula was an amazing source for knowledge and education. Jenny provided informational resources throughout my pregnancy. She supported my choices but also opened my mind to additional possibilities and birthing options by challenging any preconceived notions I had developed and the negativity that typically surrounds labor and delivery. 3. What, specifically, was the most unexpected perk of having a doula? The thought of having an unmedicated birth never crossed my mind; it was not even in my realm of consideration. However, through Jenny’s guidance, I educated myself and learned how perfectly our bodies have been made to handle pregnancy. By preparing my mind, I was able to deliver a healthy 8lb 4oz son completely unmedicated. 4. If a best friend was considering a doula, what would you tell them? Is there anything specific you recommend about me? I highly recommend a doula, especially for the first-time mom, because there are many unknowns during pregnancy. And although doulas may be more closely associated with homebirths, they are helpful no matter where you choose to give birth. Jenny understands the process and challenges (with four children of her own – this isn’t her first rodeo!); she is motivating and genuinely excited to be a part of your journey. She is enthusiastic and passionate about helping mamas. 5. What was the return on your investment in doula care? What part of doula care was most valuable to you? I gave birth at a local women’s hospital during the COVID19 pandemic, so I could not have Jenny with me during labor and delivery; however, Jenny played an integral role in the nine months leading up to my baby’s arrival. Jenny empowered and encouraged me, which ultimately led to a beautiful experience, an easy recovery with no downtime, but, most importantly, a healthy baby boy with no medical intervention.

- Stephanie L.


What, specifically, was the most helpful part of doula support and why? Having a doula was an absolutely incredible experience. I didn’t really know what a doula was until Jenny and I sat down and chatted several weeks before I was due. I still didn’t grasp it all, instead experienced it during my home birth with her as my doula. Having Jenny as my doula during labor and delivery was like having my best friend right there with me, encouraging me, providing support, offering suggestions, willing to do whatever was needed to help make this experience as smooth as possible. She has excellent insight into the labor and delivery process and would offer “tips and tricks” to help me be more comfortable or to help labor progress. She had asked me ahead of time certain things that I wanted to happen during this time and what I didn’t want to happen. She was very proactive throughout my entire labor and delivery to help make sure those needs were met. She would speak up for me when I was unable to and helped make the process more of what I had hoped for than my previous two labor and deliveries. If a best friend was considering a doula, what would you tell them? Is there anything specific you recommend about me? Unfortunately I didn’t even know Jenny with my other two births but I would recommend having Jenny by your side during your labor and delivery every single time!! Jenny has such a sweet and kind spirit that she just brings light into the room. She’s very encouraging with her words and helps you believe that you can achieve this task ahead of you. Labor and delivery is definitely not an easy task, but Jenny is like having your best friend as your coach so you know you can totally do this!! As I mentioned earlier, she pays attention to your needs and wishes that you have told her before labor and delivery. She truly cares and wants to support you during your labor and delivery. She will do her best to accommodate your wishes and desires, so that hopefully you can have the birth you’ve been wanting/planning. Why did you choose me as your doula? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made me stand out in some way? I have known Jenny for almost 3&1/2 years. I know she has a passion for being a doula and she has a heart for people and Jesus. So it was a very obvious choice for me to ask her to be my doula. I honestly thought of her right away once I found out I was pregnant, but I didn’t talk to her about it for a few months. I would highly suggest you chat with Jenny soon after you find out you are pregnant. She has terrific resources and is just so positive and uplifting. Jenny has the sweetest heart, is so positive, full of useful information and is a terrific listener. She makes you feel heard and understood. I couldn’t think of anyone else better to be by my side during labor and delivery. I would highly recommend Jenny to be your doula through your entire pregnancy, labor and delivery. She is absolutely amazing and you will truly be blessed having her by your side!

- Amy M.


Having Jenny as my "unofficial" doula played a huge part in my home birth being an incredible experience! She had already labored with me briefly with my 3rd child. She taught me to let go and be primal, to be vocal and to moan it out. When I opted for a home birth for #4, I knew I wanted her there with me. I didn't have to tell her, she somehow just knew right where to push, where to squeeze, how to support. Jenny made each contraction easier whenever her hands were on me. I felt empowered and not alone. After the baby was born and I needed the slight tearing repaired, she even distracted me with her Facebook feed to take my mind off of the stitches. Jenny is a true helper. She is generous with her time and her talents. She was born to help mamas bring their babies into the world. Her presence is soothing and accommodating. And she also can make wise decisions and give excellent support and encouragement. Best doula ever!!

- Courtney M.