Jillian Hollis

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Boston, Massachusetts
18 years of experience
About me

Hi! I am Jillian Hollis, a retired professional nanny with 16 years of full-time experience. I am passionate about all areas of growing families, infants and toddlerhood. From potty training twins to sleep training during an international trip, I have provided seamless support to growing families for nearly two decades. Over the years I have submerged myself in information and education to continue to be able to provide the latest evidence based care. I am a trained and insured Newborn Care Specialist, a Postpartum Doula, a Miscarriage Doula, Certified Sleep Coach, and a member of the International Nanny Association. I hold a mentorship role in the nanny community and feel passionate about celebrating and educating about our unique industry. ​I am enthusiastic about providing postpartum care for any parent in need of support- day or night. Speaking of night, I am passionate about helping babies and parents achieve safe, restful nights.


Accounting (2009)

Certification and training

Newborn Care Specalist (2015)

Infant Sleep Coach (2022)

Miscarriage Doula (2022)

Memberships and affiliations

International Nanny Association

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Service introduction

Here at Sunny Side, we work to provide growing families with support from a trained professional who provides evidence-based support about newborns, infant feeding, partner and sibling care, safe sleep and emotional support during the postpartum period. Every family is different which is why we believe in customizing care to match your needs. Whether you need four nights of restful sleep a week or a few hours during the day to nap, we provide an experienced, compassionate support system that you can be confident in. We chose to specialize in postpartum care because we understand the important restorative role sleep plays in the lives of new families. We’re devoted to giving families the best start possible through the promise of sleep and education. We are currently providing care in Boston and the surrounding suburbs.

Overnight care
When a sleeping baby becomes the new happy hour, it's time to call in the professionals. We bring our knowledge and education to help parents with nursing techniques, pumping, bottle feeding, infant soothing, sleep methods, reflux and colic issues, and proper nutrition for baby and mother. But, safe sleep is our cup of tea! We'll help you create an easy to follow bedtime routine that works for your family and give you all the tools you need to ensure your little one is getting the sleep they need. ​ INCLUDING: follow and adhere to the American Academy of Pediatric's (AAP) sleep guidelines gently guide baby to develop health sleep habits nursery an easy to follow routine and schedule, customized for your family creative nighttime feeding schedule pump and bottle preparation and cleaning nursery tidying and restocking​ punctual, professional care that ensures confidentiality
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Postpartum Care
A postpartum doula helps parents with newborn care and bonding, as well as emotional and physical childbirth recovery, in the first days and weeks of newborn life. ​ Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, the "fourth trimester" is a time of adjustment and healing. As postpartum doulas, we will be there to ease this transition by helping you focus on bonding with and caring for your new little one. We are here to listen, help you stay nourished and your home tended, answer questions and offer resources for additional support. There are a million ways to be an amazing parent and we’re here to help you feel comfortable and confident in finding what's best for you and your family. INCLUDING: breast/chest/bottle feeding assistance non-judgmental support washing and sanitizing of bottles and pump parts newborn care (swaddling, diapers, bathing) snack and meal preparation light housekeeping and laundry sibling care babywearing education and demonstration errands baby education a calm, reassuring presence and a listening ear
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Sleep Coaching
Sometimes a sleep regression turns into a sleep strike and the whole family feels it. Rest assured (literally) that we can get everyone back on track. Our sleep coaching program is built to help babies learn to self soothe and sleep like the angels they are- night and day. ​ INCLUDING: one complimentary 1 hour phone consultation where will will customize a package to your needs a 3 hour parent and caregiver training which included a personalized, easy to follow plan empowering your baby to sleep up to 12 hours a night and take daily naps totaling 2–3.5 hours creating a peaceful sleep environment that allows baby to get their deepest, most restorative sleep uncovering the root cause of the sleep disruption and get back on track feeling confident following a thoughtful, clear, and thorough sleep plan that covers nighttime, nap time, and regressions. unlimited text and phone support for 2 weeks post training ​ Please note: sleep training is only available for babies over 14 pounds and older than 4 months.
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