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Joanna Clark
Sleep Coach
Mountain View, California
11 years of experience
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About me

As a tenured Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I believe that no parent should suffer because their child isn't sleeping through the night or taking quality naps. As a trained and certified Gentle Sleep Coach SM, I'm part of a worldwide network of sleep coaches who partner with pediatricians, doulas, and lactation specialists to care and support families just like yours. Because every family is unique, my training in infant, baby, and child sleep is comprehensive and ongoing, following the most current science and research in the fields of sleep medicine, behavioral science, child development, attachment theory and maternal support. I am proud to be recognized as one of the Top 200 Sleep Consultants in the US by Tuck. I am also a 3X published author who joined 30 other leading parenting experts to publish the #1 International Amazon Best Selling series: The One Thing Every Mom Should Know and The One Thing Every Mompreneur Needs to Know. It's my honor to help families achieve peaceful bedtimes, reliable naps, easier parenting, and marital harmony.


Bachelor of Arts:European Studies Scripps College, Claremont CA Graduated at top of class with Phi Beta Kappa honors (1992)

Certification and training

Gentle Sleep Coach® Trained and Certified, which is the most comprehensive and professional baby and child sleep coaching certification program currently available (2011)

One of the first 50 trained and certified sleep coaches in the U.S. (2011)

Over 11 years experience as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant (2011)

Helped over 1,000 families, that’s over 4,000 well-rested family members (2011)

Recognized as one of the Top 200 Sleep Consultants in the U.S. by Tuck (2022)

Three-time Contributing Author in the #1 International Amazon best-selling series The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know and The One Thing Every Mompreneur Needs To Know (2019)

Won Red Tricycle’s Most Awesome Award for Parent Education Classes three times (2016, 2012, 2008) (2016)

Infant Mental Health (IMHP) - Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (2018)

Wonder Weeks Training on Neurodevelopmental Leaps Continuing Education & Training (2019)

Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (2011)

Basic Counseling & Child Development (2011)

Secure Attachment Theory (2011)

Sleep Science & Behavioral Modification Techniques (2011)

Recognized on StartupNation’s Leading Moms in Business (2014)

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Childhood Growth and Development Early Parenting Educator Parenting Parenting Support Safety


Service introduction

As a tenured Pediatric Sleep Expert, I help sleep-deprived families get where they want to be: well-rested! There is no need to "cry-it-out". I provide Guilt-free, Gentle Sleep Coaching for children 6 months to 6 years. Easy bedtimes, peaceful nights, reliable naps and confident parenting and a harmonious household are all possible. Sleep Coaching is a big decision, I want you to feel secure in my philosophy. I utilize science-grounded Gentle Sleep Coaching® as the most effective, positive reinforcement approach to healthy, safe sleep coaching for your child. My proprietary Blissful Baby Stairway to Sleep™ is a step-by-step and child-led approach, where I help you tenderly teach the "skills of sleep" to your child. Over the past decade, I have helped over 1,000 families solve their child's sleep struggles. I am recognized as one of the top 200 Coaches in the US and I am 3x International Best Selling Author." Let me help your family achieve beautiful blissful sleep too!

Sleep Strategy Session
The Sleep Strategy Session is our chance to better understand your child’s sleep struggles and discuss next steps to achieve beautiful, blissful sleep. This session is a unique opportunity to speak to a tenured, Pediatric Sleep Expert to gain personalized insight and determine ‘the why’ behind your child's sleep struggles. We will discuss the details to determine if One-on-One Sleep Coaching is the right fight for you, your child, and your family. We start with an intake questionnaire completed before the session to help optimize the experience for you. It’s suggested that you and your child’s other primary caregiver participate in our Sleep Strategy Session. This creates a united front and clarity of purpose. This is a one-hour recorded virtual consultation via phone or Zoom that will answer your questions.
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FREE guides/resources
I strive to provide accurate and reliable science-backed information and resources. Below are the free instant downloadable guides. Just click the link… it’s that easy! Access my powerful resources to maximize your child’s sleep.
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Sleep Smarts Workshops
Our two-hour virtual sleep education workshops use a gentle approach to arm you with specific information and actions that dramatically improve sleep for your day/night time parenting experience. Workshops are age-specific (0-6 months, 6-24 months, 2-3 years, 4-6 years)
USD Flat rate
Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

Joanna is knowledgable, easy going, supportive and reliable. She is everything we could have asked for in a coach. I am looking forward to having her as part of my tribe/ birth team for my next baby due in a couple months! Knowing that we have her support makes the idea of having a newborn again SO much less stressful because we KNOW sleep won’t be an issue like it was with our first. With my first baby he was ALWAYS alert, NEVER slept and was the definition of a high needs child. After sleep coaching our lives completely transformed. He was a different kid, so much more relaxed, went to bed without a fuss AND NAPPED!!! We NEVER thought this kid would nap! We had time back and felt human again! It was life changing to say the least and taught us so much about ourselves and our children. We learned so much about sleep science that we will be using with our 3rd baby and we will absolutely not wait to reach out to Joanna this time! We highly recommend working with her!

- Kathryn L.


You helped us big time with Landon! We hired 3 other sleep coaches who believed in the cry out version and we never felt comfortable with it. Luckily we found you and you helped our son get sleep trained and it’s been such a blessing! You helped like about 2 years old when he was 8 months old and even up to this day we are grateful to you."

- Nalini M.


My son was 18 months old when we started sleep coaching. Until that point, he had only slept through the night a handful of times in his life. He slept in his nursery and would wake up multiple times per night. He needed milk and soothing to get back to sleep each time. His sleep got significantly worse when we moved to a new city, home, and daycare. He was terrified of being in his new room and would bang his head on his crib to the point of getting bruises. He also forced himself to throw up to force my husband and I to come into his room. For the first time in his life at 18 months, we started co-sleeping, hoping that would help him sleep through the night. The co-sleeping only led to worse sleep for my husband and I, because we were scared of squishing our son or having him fall off the bed. Although we were co-sleeping, my son continued to wake multiple times per night. Now, instead of one parent getting sleep...none of us were. We were at our wits end from not sleeping through the night for 18 months straight at that point, and every area of our life was suffering (marriage, parenting, work, home maintenance, home cleanliness, home cooking). I contemplated quitting my job and becoming a stay at home mom (something I never wanted to do). My husband thought about quitting his job for one that required less travel (and therefore paid significantly less). I even suggested selling our home and moving back to our previous city where we would be forced to be apartment dwellers. We would have taken any drastic measure to get my son to sleep through the night at that point. Luckily, we were introduced to Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching. Joanna dove deep into my son's sleep issues (all the way back to pregnancy!). Joanna is skilled at picking up on the tiniest nuances. She helped us develop a plan and tailored it at every session, until we narrowed down my son's exact sleep window. Joanna determined that my son is an alert baby (who has extreme FOMO and can get overstimulated extremely easily). Joanna's approach is different than the cry it out method or Taking Cara Babies, because you are actually in the room with your child in the beginning (that's why its considered gentle sleep coaching). We thoroughly enjoyed every call with Joanna, and after 18 months of not sleeping, Joanna did what no one else could...she got my son to sleep through the night! My husband and I feel brand new. Thanks to Joanna, our son is sleeping 11-12 hours a night. Many aspects of his life have improved following sleep coaching: His appetite has increased dramatically because he is not getting full off of milk anymore. My son was obsessed with eating hair prior to sleep coaching (gross). We think it was an overtired self-regulation coping mechanism. Now that he is getting full off real food instead of milk, there is no need to fill a deficiency, so he has stopped doing it. It also means my son doesn't have to deal with the constipation that is caused by eating hair. My son behavior has improved so much because he is well rested. His separation anxiety improved, which means daycare drop-offs have improved drastically and now he enjoys independent play. My son now gets in and out his car seat without protest. He has a solid routine, which helps with transitions because he knows exactly what to expect. He is happy at daycare, and has even made friends. My husband and are sleeping through the night. We have time to catch up on work, spend time together, have time for ourselves, eat dinner, work, and do projects at home. Our home is peaceful and tranquil because we are all well rested. I just can't rave enough about Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching. Joanna, the work that you do is truly life changing!

- Mayra L.


Doing Gentle Sleep Coaching with Joanna is a true professional service. Just like you might hire an accountant or a lawyer for expertise, Joanna is truly a master of her craft. She has a thorough and comprehensive professional strategy to get you results, akin to a lawyer's discovery process or a doctor's case history process. Consider this a professional service and realize the immense value you receive in solving your child’s sleep struggles. We are so thankful our friend referred us as we finally had hope. The sleep coaching with Joanna was literally life changing in every aspect of our family and personal life. Our son's mood, behavior, attention, eating, sleeping is all on track. We now have personal time and our husband/wife time. We hope our story will inspire any family to get the help and don't battle it on your own. Put your trust in Joanna, she is a true professional.

- Christian L.

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