Jodi Selander
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Birth & Postpartum Doula
North Las Vegas, Nevada
17 years of experience
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About me

I have been working with postpartum women since 2006. I am the founder of Placenta Benefits, an informational resource and training organization dedicated to natural postpartum recovery. My book on postpartum recovery was published in 2014 - The Postpartum Survival Guide - which is now available on Amazon. I also teach my Postpartum Survival Course based on the book several times a year. I have a passion for helping birthing people settle into their new normal after the birth of their baby. I'm here to help!


Bachelor of Science, Psychology (2000)

Certification and training

Postpartum Doula, DONA (2018)

Abortion Doula Care Adoption Advanced Maternal Age Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Babywearing Belly Binding Birth Photographer Birth Videography Breastfeeding Assistance and Support Breastfeeding Photography Breastfeeding Support Fresh 48 Photography Grief and Loss Herbal Postpartum Care Infant Care LGBTQ+ Loss and Bereavement Doula Maternity and Newborn Photographer Maternity Photography Multiples Newborn, Baby, & Birth Photography Newborn Care Newborn Photography Newborn Prep Overnight Newborn Care Parenting Parenting Support Placenta Encapsulation Postpartum Care Postpartum Chef Postpartum Depression Postpartum Doula Care Postpartum Life Postpartum Photography Returning to work (pumping, breastmilk storage, etc) Self-Compassion Sibling Preparation


Service introduction

I provide a variety of postpartum services. Postpartum Care Services: Postpartum Survival Course Placenta Encapsulation Breastfeeding Support Postpartum Doula Mother Mentoring Sealing Ceremony Belly Binding Photography Services: Maternity Portraits Birth Photography/Videography Fresh 48 - home or hospital Newborn Portraits We Serve All Families: LGBTQ+ Surrogacy Adoption

Placenta Encapsulation
Services provided in your home, with our supplies.
USD Flat rate
Postpartum Doula
Doula care can include prenatal support, helping set up your home and prepare your space for the baby. Also postnatal care - newborn care, food prep, making sure YOU are cared for so you can be the best parent for your baby.
USD Per hour
Meal Delivery
I've teamed up with a culinary-trained chef, to prepare a series of delicious and nutritious meals for you. We will work together to deliver them fresh and ready to heat & eat, whenever you have the time. The meals, snacks and teas are carefully created with postpartum healing in mind, so you are sure to get the daily nutrition and nourishment your body needs while you heal from the pregnancy and birth. We offer our clients full days of meals. Each day includes a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack. The meals are prepared and packaged for quick reheating, and should be consumed warm. You can choose from a single day, three days, or five days of meals. All prepared fresh and delivered right to your door.
USD Flat rate
Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

I had my baby in April 2022 and pre scheduled Jodi to encapsulate my placenta. While I was in touch with her she was always helpful and responsive. After that I decided to do a pampering “after birth” ceremony with her. It was nice and relaxing and had a lot of pampering parts to it. As time went on and since this is my first baby I realized I was overwhelmed and needed night help; I was just flat out exhausted and knew I needed some sort of help because My husband is a surgeon so there was no way I could ask him to share duties with me. I asked Jodi if she knew anyone who offers night service and she said she actually offered that service. Jodi ended up staying with my baby at night for 4 months so I could get much needed rest. She was always on time, she was so careful with My Baby and became close to my husband and I. Jodi is an incredible trustworthy soul. I’m pregnant again and can’t wait to hire her for round two. You won’t regret inviting Jodi into your home. She’s a special, giving, loving caretaker for your bundle of joy. Ps- you can see my review I left her on Yelp as well. And yes, the placenta caps work and are amazing. I didn’t get any depression and felt like I had some energy back when I took them. I had no issues with them at all. I loved them.

- Lilly J.