Jon Torrijos
Rancho Cucamonga, California
10 years of experience
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About me

Dr. Jon is a family chiropractor that specializes in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. His mission is to help grow healthy, happy families at every stage of life.


Doctor of Chiropractic (2013)

Certification and training

Webster technique certified (2013)

Memberships and affiliations

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association(ICPA)

Chiropractic Prenatal Care


Service introduction

Dr. Jon provides care for moms preparing for all different types of births including home birth, hospital birth, birthing multiples, and more. The focus of prenatal chiropractic care is to help mom have a more comfortable pregnancy leading to a healthier, safer birth. Benefits include: -pelvic balance -less sciatic pain -better baby positioning -more efficient labor process -easier post-partum recovery -better sleep -and more...

Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

Dr. Jon has cared for my wife through her pregnancy and postpartum, for my son in the first year of his life, and for me. Dr. Jon has a calm, caring demeanor and is a fantastic chiropractor. He has a deep understanding of anatomy, and beyond simply adjusting his patients, he gives practical advice on ergonomics for ideal functioning. I'm a large man (6'5", 225lbs) and Dr. Jon is able to accommodate me just fine. I've been to numerous chiropractors in my life and my father is a chiropractor in another state, and I feel confident in saying that Dr. Jon is a master of his craft.

- Alex F.


I began seeing Dr. Jon in my first trimester at the recommendation of my midwife who noticed a pelvic imbalance. I'd also been dealing with SI joint pain and general immobility in my right hip prior to pregnancy, as well as some low back pain. Dr. Jon helped me with these issues and contributed greatly toward me feeling well throughout my pregnancy. I was able to stay physically active through my third trimester, which had a positive impact on my physical and mental health overall. I had no back pain during pregnancy and less pain in my hip than I did pre-pregnancy. I have continued chiropractic care with Dr. Jon as I transitioned to postpartum, which has helped counter the strain of breastfeeding postures and caring for a wiggling, growing baby. I highly recommend his services!

- Michelle-Marie G.