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Juan Michelle Martin
Physical Therapist
Duluth, Georgia
15 years of experience
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About me

Dr. Martin is a physical therapist and sex counselor of over 15 years experience, and the owner of JMM Health Solutions in Duluth Georgia specializing in pelvic, perinatal and sexual health. Dr. Martin is also a birth and postpartum doula, providing support and education to families in the Atlanta metro area. Additionally, she is an evidence-based instructor and childbirth educator, providing evidence-based information to families surrounding birth. When not working clinically, Dr. Martin mentors other birth doulas as well as other pelvic floor therapists. She is a licensed and certified instructor with the National Black Doulas Association and an instructor of the Birth Doula Training for Clinicians with The Pelvic PT Doulas.


Doctor of Physical Therapy (2007)

Certification and training

Birth Doula Training via DONA (2020)

Licensed and Certified NBDA Birth Doula Trainer (2021)

Postpartum Doula, NBDA (2021)

Memberships and affiliations

ISSWSH (International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health)

International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS)

National Black Doulas Association

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

Member of the Obstetrics Committee of the Academy of Pelvic Health of APTA

Evidence Based Birth Instructor


International Society for Sexual Medicine

Birth Doula Birth Support Birth Trauma Breastfeeding Support Cesarean, Episiotomy and Scar Pain Childbirth Education Chronic Pain Endometriosis Evidence-Based Care Evidence-Based Therapy Fibroids Home Birth Labor Doula Menopause Management Multiples Newborn Care Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Pelvic Pain Postpartum Care Preconception Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum Therapy Pre/Post Natal Pain and Weakness Preventative Care Sexual Dysfunction Sexual Health Telehealth Treatment for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Urinary Incontinence Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Vulvar Problems Postpartum Doula Care


Service introduction

I offer Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, virtually and in person. Bookings can be made online: Birth and postpartum doula packages are available, both virtual and in person. Head to our website for more information: If you are ready to speak further, book a call:

Comprehensive Birth Doula Support
2 Prenatal sessions (including birth planning and partner education) Childbirth education (mandatory for service and included) Access to a birth app for the duration of your pregnancy for more information for birthing person, partner or other family Access to support via text/ email throughout pregnancy (see contract for specifics) 24/7 On call 38-41 weeks gestation Live support during labor: phone/ video during early labor and in-person during active labor. 1 post partum visit to assist with initiation of breastfeeding, assess healing and more. Option for addition of postpartum doula services and/or pelvic floor services (separate and additional).
USD Flat rate
Virtual Doula Support
2 prenatal visits including birth planning and labor prep for birthing person and partner Virtual support throughout labor (intermittent during early labor and continuous during active labor) 1 postpartum visit. Access to birth education app throughout pregnancy Option to add pelvic floor PT sessions pre or postpartum as needed (separate and additional)
USD Flat rate
Prenatal Pelvic PT package
Initial consultation plus 2 additional visits for optimization of birth and addressing concerns regarding pain, urinary or bowel leakage and more throughout the pregnancy.
USD Flat rate
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