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Charlotte, Vermont
20 years of experience
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Having been a nurse on a birthing floor, I became very interested in specializing in lactation. I have been an IBCLC for 10 years now, working in a hospital seeing new moms after birth, teaching prenatal classes for preparing for breastfeeding, facilitating a weekly “new mom’s support group, as well as building a private practice. I now work independently, doing home visits and telehealth visits where I can spend as much time as needed attending to the new mothers who are learning the art and skill of breastfeeding, chestfeeding, pumping and eventually transitioning to table foods. If breastfeeding is challenging, I can help. Check out my website judithfayre.com


B.S. RN (2004)

Certification and training

Birth doula certification DONA (1996)

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (2011)

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Mass Lactation Consultants Assoc



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Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
Service introduction

I offer in-home as well as telehealth appointments specializing in needs around breast-feeding/chest feeding/pumping. Helping to establish breastfeeding in the first days home with your baby, and throughout your breastfeeding experience including transitioning to table food and then, eventually weaning. I can help you prepare to return to work, with a pumping schedule that will help protect and maintain your milk supply to feed baby during the hours of separation. Many insurance companies fully cover the cost of the visits.

Ratings and reviews
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Judy was an incredible lifeline in my motherhood and breastfeeding journey with both of my children. Breastfeeding was really difficult as both kids were tongue tied and Judy was a tremendous help as we navigated that hurdle. Her expertise in all things baby, beyond just breastfeeding, is an immeasurable asset. There is no one I would recommend more to new parents (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th...time parents!).

- Isabel B.


Judy is a great lactation consultant; I first met her 8 years ago when my first child was born. Even though I am a Neonatologist (pediatrician taking care of babies), I used her expertise. She was instrumental in adjusting my babies latch - without it the whole breast-feeding experience would have been different to non-existing; she has a kind and positive demeanor; very assuring and responsive of needs of a new mother (and father); she is also passionate about her job; she enjoys interaction with both babies and parents, even including family pets:). Her presence is encouraging and personable; Judy is also respecting your privacy. Having Judy in your community is a big asset for navigating this exciting new journey of having a baby.

- Olga D.


Judy has been my biggest help in the transition to motherhood. My second baby had a tongue tie which she expertly diagnosed after others missed it. After the first revision was unsuccessful because they didn't cut it back far enough, she recommended that I return for a second revision that made breastfeeding finally work for us. Becoming a mother, breastfeeding or not, is a huge transition and Judy was there for me every step in all aspects of parenting with warm advise and confidence boosts. Judy not only helped me with my breastfeeding journeys, she also gave me the confidence I needed in myself. I quote Judy to my mom friends all the time. The advise she freely dispenses is invaluable.

- Gillian M.


My first encounter with Judy saved my breastfeeding relationship. 8 years ago I sat in the emergency room with a nasty case of mastitis. Unfortunately, it wasn't my first run in with mastitis. In my son's three short months of life, I had already had it several times. I had seen doctors, nurses, lactation professionals, etc. None of which was able to figure out why the infection kept returning, that is until I met Judy. She evaluated my son and I and found that my son had several indicators of an anatomical issue and refered to us to a Pedi dentist who dx a severe posterior tongue tie. After the revision, I nursed for the first time pain free. I would go on to enlist Judy's help several more times over the years for help with intolerances, growth spurts, night weaning and general motherhood questions. Judy is a plethora of knowledge and an asset to her community. I highly recommend Judy!

- Cassaundra D.

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