Juliet Henson
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
4 years of experience
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About me

I received a bachelor's degree in Music Education with a minor in Spanish, but I became a birth doula after the birth of my second son (by birth, fifth by choice!). I have been fortunate to have had amazing birth experiences. I labored in my own way, and my children (all seven of them) were born into their father’s hands. I might dare to say I am a childbirth addict! I see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as some of the most beautiful things about humanity. When a laboring person is supported, loved, valued, and heard, the birth process is a positive and empowering experience. A birth doula offers constant physical and emotional support, methods to cope with pain, as well as reassurance when things are normal, and help interpreting medical information when things are not. This benefits all members of the support team. Thus, the birther is EMPOWERED to make their own decisions, own their experience, and ultimately remember it in a positive way, no matter what obstacles may be encountered. I am proud to be a DONA-trained birth doula and offer support to families across the greater Oklahoma City area.


Bachelor of Music Education (2012)

Minor in Spanish (2012)

Certification and training

DONA Trained Birth Doula (2018)


English, Spanish

Service introduction

I provide birth doula services including prenatal preparation and education, plus private classes on comfort measures during labor and cloth diapering.

Birth Doula Package
* Initial consult * 2 prenatal visits to cover labor, feeding, postpartum plan * 36 or 40 week prenatal visits with your provider * Text/email/phone access for questions/concerns * On call 24/7 from 37 weeks * Continuous support from active labor through 1-2 hours after birth * Initial help w/breastfeeding * Postpartum visit @ 24-48 hours *Postpartum visit @ 10-14 days *Text/email access for information 6 weeks after birth (Additional fee after 20 hours of labor, to pay backup doula, if needed) 50% deposit due at time of booking, balance due by 37 weeks Add on services available
USD Flat rate
Techniques for Comfort
This is a private prenatal class, devoted to your unique needs and wants! In the comfort of your home, we will examine what resources your birth space offers. Massage techniques, simple pressure points, and other comfort measures will be explored with the birthing person and partner.
USD Flat rate
Comprehensive Cloth Diapering Course
*Overview of the types of cloth diapering available *Hands-on experience with different styles of diaper *Caring for your cloth *Information about benefits to the environment, your budget and baby *Making your own cloth wipes *Resources for shopping and care
USD Flat rate