Kaitlyn McEntire
Farmington, Utah
4 years of experience
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About me

Hello, friend! I'm Kaitlyn - a Utah doulatog (doula+birth photographer- videographer). I serve families throughout the Salt Lake Valley, supporting and documenting the intimate, vulnerable transition from pregnancy, though birth, and into postpartum. (I also offer complimentary bereavement photography and doula services to angel-babe families walking through loss.) My client families enjoy access to the Client Wardrobe for maternity, newborn, and family sessions, custom-designed heirloom art, birth support AND documentation; it's a unique combination of the fine-art, luxury experience with the embracing touch of a doula. You and your partner are investing your full selves into building this family; I'm here to help you honor that work!


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Brigham Young University (2018)

Certification and training

Certified Birth Doula, Spectrum Doula Academy (2020)

Certified Birth Photographer, Birth Becomes You (2020)

Bereavement Educated: Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss and the Advanced Workshop for Providers Supporting Pregnancy and Infant Loss, Camille Hawkins, LCSW (2022)

Memberships and affiliations

The Motherhood Anthology Member

Birth Becomes You Member

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Service introduction

Maternity photography & videography (both more traditional and intimate) Prenatal visit(s) (birth plan assistance, basic training in comfort measures, fear releasing, etc.) Birth photography, videography & doula support Newborn/postpartum photography & videography (including fresh 48's, siblings meeting baby for the first time, baby's first portraits (natural, baby-led posing), your first family photos with baby, breastfeeding, self-embraces, and more) Postpartum visit(s) (processing your birth, mental health check-ins, additional support as needed) Family & milestone photography & videography (family-centered, to document the changes as your smallest one grows)

Birth photography, videography, and/or doula support
Inquire for more details (birth services start at $1800).
USD Flat rate
Maternity, newborn, and family photography
Inquire for more details (maternity/newborn/family sessions start at $650 - look at the KMP Membership if documenting more of the full journey is important to you!)
USD Flat rate
Frequently asked questions
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Can you really be my birth photography/videographer AND doula??
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What do bereavement services look like?
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