Kaleigh Laurent
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Birth & Postpartum Doula
Bowling Green, Kentucky
1 years of experience
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About me

My name is Kaleigh and I am a birth doula serving the Bowling Green and Glasgow areas! My goal is to give each person the labor and birth experience they desire. I am passionate about the physical and mental well-being of my clients throughout their pregnancy and birth. When I'm not a doula, I'm a full-time mom to my son and my Fur 'baby'!


High School Diploma (2019)

Certification and training

Birth Doula Certification through Hope’s Embrace (2022)

Bereavement Course (2023)

Birth Trauma Course (2023)

Memberships and affiliations

Independent Contractor through Hope’s Embrace

Owner of Nurturing You

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Service introduction

As a birth doula I can provide emotional, physical and informational support to parents before, during and after birth. I provide prenatal appointments where we can discuss your mental and physical well-being, I will help you make informed decisions for you and your baby, and we can make a birth plan, etc. I provide support during labor and I will be on-call for you in the weeks leading up to your due date/induction date. I provide support after your baby has arrived by answering your questions and advising you to the best of my ability.

First Meeting
The first meeting is your chance to get to know me and get a feel for who I am and if you would like me to be your doula! Not every doula is for everyone and I understand that. During our first meeting, you can ask me about my experience, how I feel about certain topics, and how I can best support you and your needs or any other questions you might have!
USD Flat rate
Retainer Fee
This is money paid upfront to secure my services. The retainer fee DOES go towards the total cost of my services!
USD Flat rate
Labor and Birth Support
I typically will be on-call for you at around the 38-week mark(can be sooner for high-risk pregnancies), so you can call and text me 24/7 and expect me to answer day or night. I can support you through labor and birth at a home birth or the hospital. We can discuss more details at a prenatal visit!
USD Flat rate
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