Karen Winter
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Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
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About me

It is my mission to help families make the transition to independent sleep so their whole family can become more well-rested. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, an in-home daycare provider, and a mama with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I provide advice, support, and behavior modification methods to help families teach their child the skill of independent sleep. We choose a sleep training method that each family is most comfortable with and fits their unique circumstances. I provide a detailed plan on implementation and support throughout that implementation. Let me help you go from frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted to confident, consistent, and well-rested!


Early Childhood Education (2009)

Certification and training

Pediatric Sleep Consultant (2021)

Memberships and affiliations


Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Toddlers


Service introduction

I provide a detailed sleep plan unique to your family and provide support in implementing that plan

Two Week Sleep Consultation Plan
My program has four steps: Step 1: You complete a detailed Family Questionnaire. This is used to design an individualized Sleep Plan for your child. These are usually about 10 pages long and will include everything you need to know to start making changes and reach your goals. Step 2: We schedule your first Phone Consultation to review the plan and ensure you feel comfortable and confident getting started! This is the perfect time to ask any sleep questions the plan did not answer for you. Step 3: We’ll pick a date to start implementing the plan and you’ll have two weeks of my daily support and troubleshooting through text messaging and email to guide you through! My clients usually reach their sleep goals in 2 weeks time. Step 4: We will schedule a final Success Phone Call where we will discuss any last questions you might have and I will make sure you feel confident in continuing on your sleep journey without me. I will also send you any further resources that would aide you in being successful at reaching any further goals you might have.
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