Katelynn Galvin
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Birth & Postpartum Doula
Linden, California
5 years of experience
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About me

I’m Katie Galvin, Postpartum Doula and Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner. After my own experience with “postpartum anxiety & depression,” (which was really undiagnosed postpartum thyroiditis) I decided to become a functional practitioner to help other moms navigate common postpartum hormonal changes using a holistic approach. Conventional medicine often fails new moms by dismissing their concerns or offering pills as the only solutions to common (but not normal) symptoms like: anxiety, depression, irregular/heavy/painful periods, insomnia, hot flashes, etc. There are better options! I use functional lab testing to identify imbalances in the body and help bring it back into balance through functional nutrition and lifestyle changes so moms can get back to feeling their best!


Masters of Science (2013)

Certification and training

Trained Postpartum Doula, DONA (2020)

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (2022)

Prenatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (2020)

Certified Personal Trainer, NASM (2020)

Memberships and affiliations

Board Certified American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Anxiety and Depression


Service introduction

I offer one-to-coaching services for moms and utilize functional lab testing along with personalized functional nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocols to holistically address root-causes for common (but not normal) postpartum symptoms such as: anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, nutrient deficiencies, gut issues, and menstrual issues. I also offer a Holistic Hormone Healing group-coaching program.

Thriving Momma Package
Identify root-causes for your symptoms with a panel of function lab work. Includes: -Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis -GI MAP (gut pathogen test) -DUTCH test (comprehensive hormone panel) -blood labs (thyroid, iron, copper) can customize and add to blood panel Includes 4 months of one-to-one coaching to provide education, and support implementing your protocol.
USD Flat rate
Mineral Re-balancing
Postpartum moms commonly experience mineral depletion. Mineral balance affects every cell in your body and regulates cellular metabolism. In short- if your mineral are imbalanced (or depleted) you’re going to feel it! This package includes a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, lab-review session and a personalized protocol with functional nutrition and supplemnt recommendations.
USD Flat rate
Optimal Prenatal
Better pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for you and baby starts with prenatal nutrition. This package focuses on education around functional nutrition and mineral balancing during pregnancy. It includes 6 monthly coaching sessions, 2 Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses, and comprehensive blood panels with a personalized protocol. Optimizing minerals during pregnancy has been shown to reduce common pregnancy symptoms such as: swelling, constipation, fatigue, and cramping, as well as potentially reducing the risk of high blood pressure, iron issues, and pre-term labor. You’ll never regret focusing on your nutrition during pregnancy.
USD Flat rate