Katie Honan
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Lactation Consultant
Hobe Sound, Florida
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About me

Nourishing your baby can be stressful and overwhelming. I provide evidence based, intuition-led lactation support and management so that you can feel confident and enjoy feeding your baby.


Associate of Science (2019)

Certification and training

Certified Lactation Counselor (2021)



Service introduction

I offer prenatal consultations to discuss and manage expectations, teach you positions and latch techniques, review pumping and size fitting for flanges, teach you about ‘red flags’ and what to look for in yourself and your baby and show your partner how to support you. Feeding consults - in home. Address any concerns or issues with breast or bottle or combo feeding. As well as the issues covered in prenatal consult.

Prenatal consult
Discuss and manage expectations. Teach you about early lactation management, positions, technique, frequency, signs to watch for. Size and fitting for pump. Discuss goals and how to achieve them. Discuss partner support and involvement.
USD Flat rate
Lactation Consultation - Postnatal
In home visit. Do a complete evaluation for mother and baby. Complete a feeding assessment. Address any concerns about mother and/or baby. Referrals to specialists if necessary. Discuss expectations and what is ‘normal’ vs what to look out for. Go over feeding goals and make an appropriate care plan. Help with various issues such as: poor weight gain, nipple/breast pain, clogs, mastitis, low supply, over supply, suspected oral ties and much more. Includes 2 weeks of phone follow-up support.
USD Flat rate
Postpartum Intensive Care Package
This package is ideal for moms and babies with existing feeding issues such as low supply, over supply, oral ties (tongue tie), poor weight gain. Includes initial home visit, a follow-up home visit at a time we determine will be most effective (such as post tongue tie release) and 15 minute phone follow up sessions weekly for one month.
USD Flat rate
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