Katie Hope

Childbirth Educator
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
22 years of experience
About me

Owner of Delaware Doula | Virtual Pregnancy Consultant and Childbirth Educator | Writer | Advocate for Birthing People | Holistic Health Educator | DONA Birth Doula | Lamaze Educator | Placenta Encapsulation Specialist | Believer in Hope and Love I provide live individual childbirth education classes and private pregnancy consultation online. My goal is to instill confidence in the individuals I work with by educating them about the process of labor, natural pain coping techniques, and their rights and options around birth. All expectant individuals deserve unbiased, evidence based information so that they can make informed choices that are the best choices for themselves and their babies.


Bachelor of Arts (1992)

Certification and training

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educated (2012)

Birth Doula Certification, DONA (2001)

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Service introduction

Virtual Childbirth Education and Specialty Classes. As a certified Lamaze childbirth educator, I work hard to support your goals and visions for labor professionally and compassionately. Providing tips for physical and emotional comfort, as well as a wealth of evidence based information, allows you to be in control of your birth choices. All women should feel safe and respected during birth. I believe people deserve the truth. "Standard practice" or "hospital policy" are terms thrown around a lot in the birth industry. What my classes offer is current, evidence-based science and research regarding safe and normal birth. I am a natural pain management expert. My Pain Relief and Comfort Measures Class is a one time, hour and a half focused learning session. During our time together I will teach you and your support person practical ways to ease pain during labor. A recent study found first-time mothers who took childbirth classes that focused on complementary pain management were 65% less likely to use an epidural and had a 44% reduction in the need for cesareans. Also available is my full Private Lamaze Childbirth Corse: Three two-hour sessions.This is not your mother's Lamaze class. Once recognized only as breathing techniques for labor, Lamaze is now the leader in evidence-based childbirth education with a mother-centered focus. Knowledge reduces fear, and less fear reduces pain. All classes can be arranged to fit your schedule.

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