Katie Lacer
Simpsonville, Kentucky
12 years of experience
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About me

I am an internationally published birth photographer with over a decade of experience in birth work.



Service introduction

I offer birth and portrait photography. As a certified doula, I’m also able to provide hands on support for my birth clients.

Ratings and reviews
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I first met Katie as my wedding photographer. While she is incredible at photography, I hired Katie as my doula because of her personality and because I knew she would be perfect for taking care of my family while going through this journey. Having Katie by my side as my advocate and friend during my birth (VBAC) was, without question, my biggest key to success. Katie was supportive during all stages, she has so much knowledge but is not overwhelming. My partner was incredibly impressed and supported as well with how he could help me in labor and delivery. She is worth every bit, on top of delivering amazing photos along with it, and that’s coming from a fellow photographer! Don’t question it, hire her as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test!

- Patty A.


I honestly cannot say enough great things about Katie. She’s been my photog for years. I knew if I had any more babies I needed her there. In the midst of the pandemic with only my husband allowed per the policy at the time. We got the local hospital to grant her access. I couldn’t imagine not having her there to capture those moments. Not just that, but to have her full support as well. Katie made a huge difference in my birth. Knowing that I had someone knowledgeable and as involved in my and my baby’s care as my husband was so important. As fabulous as she is in her craft, she is equally as great as a person. Like I said, I could go on. I’m thankful to have crossed paths with her 6 years ago. Hiring someone to be with you during one of the most important moments of your life, takes careful consideration. Katie, meets all those expectations and more.

- Olivia W.