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Dr. Katie Wood is a mother, Pharmacist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in fertility and women's health. She is the founder of Pharm to Wellness LLC and brand Happy Nourished Motherhood. Katie helps women over 30 to nourish their mind & body for optimal fertility health so they can confidently conceive with ease. Katie comes with 9 years of experience as a retail pharmacist, this background in conventional medicine is what first piqued her awareness that people need more intimate coaching towards health and vitality without depending on pharmaceuticals. After experiencing a lack of support and education through her fertility and pregnancy journey, she became determined to advocate for women's health. Katie is passionate about supporting and empowering women on their fertility and pregnancy transition into motherhood using her calm, gentle guidance and taking a holistic approach focusing on nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care.


Doctor of Pharmacy, Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (2013)

Certification and training

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2021)

Aromatherapy Contraception and Family Planning Family Planning Health Coach Healthy Eating Hormone Imbalances Infertility Mindfulness Motivational Interviewing Nutritional Counseling Positive Thinking Preconception Prenatal Care Stress Management


Service introduction

I am always creating new offers, be sure to connect with me via email, Instagram or Facebook to learn anything new or upcoming. I currently offer a one month 1:1 coaching package, five month 1:1 coaching package and a Confident Conception Membership which is a six month program. I also have a free, private Facebook group where I share daily support, guidance and tips for fertility and hormones, copy and paste this URL to learn more: https://linktr.ee/thewellnesspharmacist

Ratings and reviews
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My experience with Katie was really good. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year before finding out about her. She provided us with many suggestions and upon learning of our individual needs, she provided corresponding direction and applications. Through her we discovered some deeper underlying issues that needed our attention, and she provided support and facilitated answers to help us on our journey addressing those. While we are still hopeful, we now better understand what we need to address, how to do that and why. We know what we are up against. Thank you, Katie!

- Jennifer M.


Katie is such an amazing person, coach snd confidant. I found her after 6 months of trying to conceive with no luck. I was looking for someone who could help me in a more natural way than just being sent to a reproductive specialist right out of the gate as my OB/GYN wanted to do. Katie was such a calming presence. She took the time to get to know me, teach me, and walk through this journey with me. While I didn’t conceive during my time with a Katie, I learned so much about my body and the things I put into it, more than any healthcare provider would have spent the time delving into with me. It’s very obvious that Katie loves what she does and she loves to help women get to where they want to be! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with fertility or even just nutrition!

- Sarah P.


Working with Katie one on one was just amazing as she truly does care about you and provides great individualized help which is not the same thing that I've experienced at a doctors office. She always answered questions I had and provided resources for me as needed. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone! I am so glad I took part in her program!

- Janann L.


Katie is an absolute GIFT! Not only is she incredibly brilliant and knowledgeable, she goes above and beyond for her clients. She is so kind, comforting, and offers a wide variety of holistic support that is unsurpassed! Her caring nature is so soothing as are her meditations, loving guidance, and support! I highly recommend her for your fertility + pregnancy coaching needs!

- Christina F.