Kayla Albert
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania
3 years of experience
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About me

Hello! I’m Kayla, I’ve been a doula currently for a year and a half. As I do Doula work, I am also a 2 year old teacher on the side. My passion for birth work came from talking to friends and families about how traumatizing their births were. The more research I did, I soon realized that some of that trauma could have been resolved by simply having an advocate. I wanted to be that advocate for mothers. I truly believe that birth is such an amazing event, but each and every mother deserves support, as it is a huge moment. I want to advocate for YOU. If you have any questions in regards to availability, or just any questions in general, please reach out via email: thedelightfuldoula.pa@gmail.com

Certification and training

Labor & Infant Care-ProDoula (2020)

Postpartum Doula-ProDoula (2020)



Service introduction

I offer labor services which include: prenatal visit, 24/7 text support, postpartum follow up visit, and on call for you the day you sign the contract! Postpartum Services: infant care, sibling care, infant feeding support, postpartum recovery support, errands, light housekeeping, and meal prep.