Kayla Ives
Physical Therapist
Omaha, Nebraska
9 years of experience
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About me

Hi! I'm Dr. Kayla Ives with the pelvic physio. I've had the pleasure of working with countless women over the past 8 years of pelvic floor physical therapy practice. My clinic was created specifically for women, to give them a place they could feel comfortable, welcome and listed to. We treat all pelvic floor and core related conditions and would be grateful to be part of your healing journey!


Doctorate of Physical Therapy (2014)

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy


Service introduction

We don't accept insurance directly, because they limit our ability to provide you with the care you deserve, however you are able to use your out of network physical therapy benefits through your insurance. We believe in one-on-one care, specifically designed for what YOU need, and we don't believe you should have to ask anyone permission to feel better. Our therapists are extensively trained in pelvic floor manual therapy and our patients typically notice improvements in the first 2-3 visits.