Kaytlin Brown
Scottsdale, Arizona
2 years of experience
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About me

As a massage therapist for the past ten years, I have always been in awe of the innate power of the human body. When I became pregnant in 2018, that feeling only intensified. Through birth we are put to the test; physically, mentally and emotionally... but it so worth it when you get to see that tiny human you created for the first time. It was my experience through pregnancy and the birth of my son, Simon Asher, that called me to this work. I am honored to be a Bebo Mia trained birth doula as well as a licensed massage therapist specializing in pregnancy and postpartum massage. I believe that every journey to parenthood should be filled with love, support and of course, happiness. I am proud to serve any pregnant person (and their partners), located in the greater Phoenix area, through that journey in a capacity that educates, informs, supports and above all holds space for you to safely transition into your coolest role yet, a parent.


Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Rocky Mountain College, Billings MT (2010)

Diploma of Clinical Massage Therapy, The Soma Institute, Chicago IL (2012)

Certification and training

Certified Maternal Support Practitioner, Bebo Mia (2021)

Anxiety Birth Doula Birth Support Labor Doula Massage Massage Therapist Mental Health Mindfulness Prental Massage Practitioner Relaxation Techniques Stress Management Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum


Service introduction

As your pregnancy progresses you may seek out another level of support. If I'm lucky enough to be that person I will do so without judgement, creating an empowering space for you to have whatever birth experience feels right for you. Offering non-medical comfort measures, touch, verbal support, information, a calming presence or jokes and laughter if that's what you need. Always a resource, never a source, I promise to provide resources and evidence based information to you in an effort to help you bring your baby into this world in a safe, holistic, loving way. Massage should be an integral part of a pregnant person's journey. The changes that take place in the body during pregnancy can cause minor aches and pains and sometimes even issues like sciatica. The goal of bodywork during pregnancy is to address those areas in a way that helps you to relax and become more attuned to your body and what works to bring you relief and calm. Bodywork received during pregnancy can also translate into the birth/labor space where it can be a beneficial comfort measure for the laboring person.

Birth Doula Support
Once you've decided that we are a good fit for your pregnancy and birth journey, the following is what you'll receive from us: - Complimentary consult before hire to assure we're a good fit - 1-2 prenatal meetings [during 3rd trimester, 2 hrs each - Debrief (in person or via phone) after each appointment with your care provider of choice - One complimentary prenatal massage - Birth preference and planning - Postpartum planning - 24/7 text, call or email support from day of hire - On call from 37 weeks through 42 - Arrive at birth when you call, I'll meet you wherever you are - Stay through entire labor, as little or as long as it takes - Provide family updates on your behalf via text - Remain for up to 2 hours after baby has arrived to assist in chest feeding [if that's your plan] - 1 Postpartum meeting to provide any physical, mental, or emotional support you may need I also offer additional prenatal massage sessions if you so wish to add them onto this package for an added savings. Receiving more bodywork during pregnancy can help us to define what best works for you when it comes to calming and relaxing the body... which is optimal in the labor space!
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