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Fountain Inn, South Carolina
6 years of experience
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About me

Hello, my name is Kellie Davis! I am a wife, mom of three little boys, and former preschool teacher. I’ve been working with children for over 15 years! I taught preschool special education for 7 of them and decided to stay home when I had my third little boy. I was able to set great sleep foundations for all three of my boys and decided to help other people get the sleep they deserve. Everyone should enjoy parenthood without being sleep deprived! Let me help you get to sleep!


Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (2010)

Certification and training

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant (2021)

Sleep Consultant


Service introduction

I offer sibling packages, individual packages, and even a newborn package. My goal in all of these packages is to set a good sleep foundation and get your little one sleeping better! This means more sleep for the whole family!

Newborn Sleep Shaping Support
I help families navigate these early weeks of life with a newborn and set a healthy sleep foundation to ensure a happy and healthy balance in this journey of motherhood!
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Blueprint to Baby Sleep
I help families that have been sleep deprived for months, establish independent sleep skills for their baby so that the entire family can get the rest they need to enjoy these early years of parenthood! I use a holistic approach and analyze your baby's schedule, feedings, wake windows, sleep environment, temperament and much more! I create a detailed sleep plan specific for your baby and their sleep needs.
USD Flat rate
Blueprint to Toddler and Preschool Sleep
I help families that have been sleep deprived for months or even years, get their toddler or preschooler sleeping so they can achieve a healthy lifestyle for their entire family. The families I help have typically reached a point where their sleep situation has become unsustainable and they need guidance and support to a new sleep arrangement. I use a client led approach and meet my clients where they are at in order to reach their specific sleep goals!
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Ratings and reviews
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Kellie is amazing!! Kellie with A Brighter Night provided a sleep/feed plan to help us get our now 8 month old to sleep through the night. He was waking up every couple of hours and now he can self sooth and sleep through the night. The plan she provided to our family has helped us so much. Keeping our little guy on this schedule with a few tweaks here and there has been a amazing. He did so great with the routine and Kellie was available anytime I needed her to answer a question or to provide some advice. I highly recommend Kellie with A Brighter Night to get your family on track to a good nights sleep!! Thank you Kellie!!!! You’re the best!!!

- Dayona W.


Before my husband and I found Kellie on instagram, we dreaded night time in our house and no body was sleeping well. Our son had gotten really sick and I broke our one rule of not bringing him in our bed because I was desperate for sleep. Doing that was what created monster in our son who now expected to be picked up and brought to our bed after sometimes only an hour in his crib. We found Kellie through a quick instagram search and within a day or two we had our initial phone meeting which basically laid out our problem to her. We signed the contract and moved forward with a plan. She sent over options for us to choose from as far as what path we were wiling to take to help us get our son to sleep good at night. She literally spelled it out for us and made it as simple as possible to get started and she held us accountable. We were in contact multiple times a day and even with a three hour time difference, she always answered my texts and/or calls. Our son really benefitted from her program and is a whole new kid, sleeping 11-12 hours a night now. I never thought he would be capable of doing that because even as a newborn, he wasn't that great of a sleeper. But here we are, all sleeping well and wake up happy to see each other and start our day. Not only did she get our nights ironed out but being that our son was on the cusp of dropping a nap, we did that at the same time. He also takes a 2.5-3 hour nap during the day, onto of sleeping like a champ at night. We could never repay Kellie for her helping us get to this point with our son. We are expecting a second baby and with both parents and big brother-to-be getting good sleep, we couldn't be more ready for the days ahead. 5 starts from our family to Kellie with A Brighter Night and the tools we learned from her to stay on track now and in the future!

- Sandra P.


Our services with Kellie were remarkable! Must say very much life changing! I have a 6 year old who had an hard time staying in her bed and would love to come slip in the bed with us. Of course we would not get much sleep like this! Kellie gave us a routine to follow and phenomenal tips that my daughter loved learning! I would recommend her services to everyone! She’s the best!

- Chimere L.


I’m amazed with Kellie and how hard she worked to make my once a great sleeper get back on track after a major sleep regression. I reached out to Kellie after a few sleepless nights with my 3 year old who use to sleep like a dream. Kellie supplied us with resources that were beneficial for my entire family and stayed connected with me throughout the day. Kellie supported me through this unknown journey and got my 3 year old sleeping through the night on her own again! She tailored our plan accordingly and readjusted as needed. Kellie made sure we were successful. I’m forever grateful for her commitment in this process.

- Katie D.


Kellie was so helpful when my 5 year old decided he wanted to sleep in our bed every night... No one was getting sleep. I tried bribing and threatening but nothing was working. So I turned to Kellie. She was AWESOME! We had a plan back to us really quickly. She was awesome with checking in on us. And her plan WORKED!! I'm now sleeping all the way through the night with no one touching me 🙂

- Haley G.


I am so impressed with her services. We started off with a zoom call that I provided information over. Kellie then provided different sleep plans, my husband and I picked the best one. After that, she then made sure to see how things were going and was available by text for any questions or concerns I had. My son at 15 months has went from waking up for 2-3 hours at night to sleeping through the night or soothing himself back to sleep in less then a week! Kellie has been a blessing for my family and I am so thankful for her and her services.

- Marlene G.