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Sleep Coach
San Diego, California
19 years of experience
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Keri Robbins has been a child care professional for over 15 years. She is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a Certified 0-5 month specialist, a Certified Behavioral Technician and a licensed infant daycare provider. She graduated from University of California Riverside with a Bachelor's Degree in Gender Studies in 2015. While working with families throughout her career, the most common struggle for them was always sleep. Keri has helped numerous families get more sleep by educating them on what quality sleep looks like and how to achieve it. She is passionate about teaching families how to handle the most challenging issues as a parent. Keri believes no family should feel like they don't know what they are doing when it comes to raising their child. She loves being the resource parents seek out when they need a little help. She has experience with non-traditional family structures and parenting styles and has successfully used her sleep coaching methods to meet each families unique needs.


Bachelor's Degree in Women's Studies (2015)

Certification and training

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach (2021)

Licensed Childcare Provider (2019)

Memberships and affiliations

NAFCC Member

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Infant Care LGBTQ+ Multiples Newborn Care Parenting Parenting Support Sleep Consultant


Service introduction

Robbins Nest was founded to offer quality child care services to families, especially first time parents, who need a little help. We provide sleep coaching services which leads to more consistent, quality sleep. We also provide infant daycare services, so you can return to work knowing your child is being cared for by a qualified professional.

Sleep Education for 0-5 Months
The Sleep Education Package is for families with a new baby looking for assistance with establishing healthy lifestyle foundations. This program is ideal from newborn to five months and aids with creating healthy sleep habits, setting up your nursery or bedroom for the baby, swaddling techniques, baby-wearing, sleep and feeding education, and much more. The Sleep Education Package includes: ~ 90 Minute Consultation ~ 4 Follow-up Zoom Meetings ~ 12 Weeks Email Support* Since formal sleep coaching is not recommended for infants under six months of age, we use techniques which utilize a gentle approach to shaping your infants sleep and feeding routines. This Sleep Education package allows parents and their infants to get the most optimal sleep they can within the confines of normal developmental periods. Our program was developed with scientifically researched recommendations on how to improve sleeping and feeding habits at early ages. During our initial consultation, we will review the Client History and Feeding Intake form that will be provided to you upon purchase of the package. Next, we will discuss your goals, questions, or concerns so we can discover the best ways to improve the overall quality of daily life for the entire family. Once we begin working together, I will ask you to log a week of activities including sleep times, feeding patterns, and temperament, so we can easily identify areas needing extra attention. Using this information, we can begin discussing ways to improve trouble areas during our initial consultation. With four 30-minute follow-up Zoom meetings to use, you have ongoing support when new questions or concerns arise. These meetings can provide a variety of support from needing answers to new questions to asking for product demonstrations or tutorials. Also included in this package is twelve weeks of email support so you have a trusted, knowledgeable expert to ask any questions that may arise as your child progresses through the early months. If we can't answer your questions or address your concerns, we will find someone qualified who can. *One email per day is included; additional emails require additional fee. Emails will be responded to by the following business day.
USD Flat rate
Sleep Coaching for 6months- 6 years
This package offers assistance to families who need a sleep coaching plan and support. If you feel like you have tried everything to get your child to sleep, yet nothing is working, this package is for you. This package includes: ~ 60 Minute Consultation* ~ Customized Sleep Plan ~ 6 Follow-up Phone Calls ~ 6 Weeks Email Support During our initial consultation, we take an in-depth look at your child's history, discuss the best and most gentle approach to reach your sleep goals, and create a sleep plan together. The sleep plan is a collaborative effort, so that you feel comfortable implementing your plan, and most importantly, stay consistent with your methods to aid in reaching your goals. While we are working together, I will ask you to keep a daily log of activities including sleep times, diet, temperament, and anything you wish to discuss with me during our follow-up calls. This log is crucial to our success because it helps us have a record of what may be working and what may need reassessment. This log is also a large part of how your sleep plan is customized and fine-tuned as we progress through the coaching. To get the most out of our initial consultation, it would be helpful if you start logging right away! With six follow-up calls to use, you have ongoing support while you work through your customized sleep plan. These phone calls will be 15-30 minutes on average and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions about the sleep plan, its implementation, or troubleshooting any recent issues. Also included, is six weeks of email support so you can ask any urgent questions that may be preventing you from moving forward with the sleep plan for that day. Emails will be responded to by 6:00pm to ensure your question is answered prior to starting bedtime. When sleep plans are followed through with great consistency, most children can sleep through the night by the first week. However, your sleep plan will last about two weeks to ensure that your child is not only sleeping through the night, but they are able to get themselves to sleep without needing parental involvement. * More time and additional fees may be required for additional children needing sleep help.
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