Kim Chapman

Sleep Coach
Portland, Maine
About me

I'm Kim Chapman, mom of three and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I help sleep-deprived parents go from frustrating, sleepless nights to easy, confident bedtime habits for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers


Associate of Business Administration (2009)

Certification and training

Center for Pediatric Sleep Management Sleep Consultant Certification (2022)

Sleep Consultant Toddlers


Service introduction

I offer customized plans with gentle methods to traditional timed interval methods. I am here to offer you guidance along the way and want you to feel confident with the changes you are making. I know how challenging raising little ones can be, so my goal is to make this as easy as possible for you. We will communicate through email and video calls, depending on what is most convenient for your schedule.

Custom Plan + 2-Week Support
This is a two-week program for parents with babies from 4-23 months old, who want to teach independent sleep through my one-on-one Sleep Consulting Program. So that you can stop holding/nursing your baby all night and start teaching independent sleep. Are you ready to feel confident that your family will get a good night’s rest?
USD Flat rate
Ask Me Anything
This is great for parents eager to troubleshoot routines, sleep regressions, early morning wakeups, nap transitions, and more. I will answer any questions you have about your child’s sleep and l provide you with strategies to improve sleep for your family. What it includes: Questionnaire 45-minute video call An email with a detailed recap of the strategies/plans we discussed
USD Flat rate
Toddler Transformation Program
This is a 3-week program is for parents with 2 – 7-year-olds who want their toddler to sleep through the night in their own room through my one-on-one Sleep Consulting Program. So that you can stop waking up all throughout the night to get them back to sleep and start feeling confident that your family will get a good night’s rest.
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