Kristy Young

Massage Therapist
Banyena, Victoria
11 years of experience
About me

YUNG BOD aka YB is an Australian owned skincare and beauty brand for mums and mums-to-be founded by Kristy Young. We keep it real, because being a mum isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We’re judgement-free, because every woman is her own person, just doing her best. And we’re here for your motherhood experience, because we know it’s a damn effin’ rollercoaster. Every mum has her own birth story. The overwhelmingly emotional first moments together, floods of tears, or not feeling much at all. Kristy’s centres around finding out the hard way that her first son had a very big, breeched head – so he was delivered via caesarean section. As it happens, large noggins run in the family. Her second son was also breeched and blessed with a generously sized head and she opted for a c-section. Thanks, boys. After both of her c-section births, Kristy noticed she didn’t receive much scar aftercare advice. But as the skincare expert she is (and she has a Bachelors degree in Science to prove it), she knew that dealing with it sooner rather than later would offer the best chance of reducing her scar’s appearance and the other delights that come with a c-section.


Bachelor of Dermal Science (2019)



Service introduction

The idea for YUNG BOD’s debut product, C-SECTION MAMA CREAM, came to Kristy while she cleared out her freezer to make way for breastmilk. Donating her body to the cause, Kristy decided to create a skin cream with carefully selected ingredients that she was happy to use on her own pregnant and breastfeeding body. Our C-SECTION MAMA CREAM formula has been rigorously tested, and not just on Kristy. There are plenty of anecdotes about natural remedies, but we wanted to create an evidence-based product with active ingredients, that supports your skin as it adjusts the wild months after pregnancy. Everything in it is, cruelty-free, and naturally-derived. C-SECTION MAMA CREAM is not just about reducing the appearance of the area - its about mamas gaining back control of their body and the other symptoms that come with a c-section… news flash other problems can occur.

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