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Birth & Postpartum Doula
St. Louis, Missouri
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I became a doula to inform moms of things they may not be aware of. To support and care for women in such a sacred time is an honor. I want to do my best to decrease the maternal mortality rate for black women by ensuring they stand firm in their decisions and question any and everything. I offer pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula services. I am also available for virtual doula services for those who are out of state/region.


Bachelor's of Arts Psychology (2021)

Certification and training

Full Spectrum Doula (2022)

Birth Doula Home Birth Labor Doula Mental Health Natural Birth Natural Childbirth Parenting Parenting Support Postpartum Depression Postpartum Doula Care Water birth


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Service introduction

I offer pregnancy, birth and postpartum services. Each client will have different needs and I am to help my clients in whatever way they may need. I am also willing to tweak packages with you. I also offer mother blessing/blessing way services.

Comprehensive package
2 Prenatal Meetings (intake, birth planning, postpartum planning, addressing questions, etc.) • On call 24 hours a day starting 2 weeks (14 days) before your estimated due date • Complete labor and delivery support  • 2 hours postnatal care and support  • 2 Postnatal visits (1 within 1-4 days of birth and the other before 3 weeks postpartum)
USD Flat rate
- For those that are not in the local surrounding area or those who would like to continue social distancing for the entire length of pregnancy and birth.** - 2 Prenatal Meetings (intake, answering questions, planning, etc.) - 1 Postnatal Meeting - 1 Lactation counseling/feeding support meeting and education - 1 Family support meeting (questions, bonding assistance, postpartum plan reiteration, etc.) - **Will be available via phone or video during labor**
USD Flat rate
Prenatal - before birth
Prenatal (Pregnancy only, no services for labor and delivery) - For clients who seek support only in preparation for birth/during pregnancy but do not seek labor & delivery support or postnatal support.** - 2 Prenatal meetings (intake, answering questions, planning, cleaning, etc.) - 1 Accompaniment to a Caregiver Meeting or Birthing Class (2 hours max) - Support ceases at 40 weeks. 
USD Flat rate
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