Laura Harrison

Sleep Coach
Toronto, Ontario
About me

I am a Baby Led Sleep and Well being Specialist who supports parents and babies/toddlers in all things sleep! I do not use any separation based techniques or sleep training - no cry it out, timed checks, chair method etc. I empower parents to trust their instincts, respond to their baby always, learn about normal infant sleep, identify red flags that could impact sleep and make parent led changes. If you are looking to improve sleep without sleep training check out my Instagram!


Masters of occupational therapy (2011)

Certification and training

Baby led sleep and well being specialist (2020)

Sleep Consultant


Service introduction

I offer hourly calls or email consults. Both start with a detailed intake form to get to know you and your baby/toddler. I will screen for red flags that could be impacting sleep, understand your birth experience and postpartum journey and help to understand normal infant/toddler sleep!

Hourly Call
-Intake form via email -Hour call via zoom -Full summary of call via notes in an email afterwards -Resources and referrals out
CAD Per hour
Email consult
-Intake form via email -5 questions answered via email
CAD Flat rate
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