Laura Kate Hirst

Sleep Coach
Glossop, England
About me

I am a mother and a holistic Infant Sleep Consultant supporting parents to help their little one to achieve better sleep. If you’re a parent struggling with your child having early morning wakings (before 6am) bedtime battles, or if it’s taking over 30mins to get your child to sleep or they are waking up several times through the night I am here to both give science-backed advice, an empathetic approach and empower you to get sleep on track for your whole family. Sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for health and well-being and it’s important to get tailored advice specific to your little one. I have worked with my own son to aid him to be able to fall sleep and sleep through the night happily and safely. I provide bespoke sleep plans taking into account your child’s temperament and age and your family’s dynamics.


CPD certified infant sleep coach (2021)

Certification and training

Child Psychology Diploma (2022)

Sleep Consultant


Service introduction

I work 1:1 with parents and guardians to provide a holistic, bespoke Sleep plan alongside 2/3 weeks support. I offer different packages depending on both budget and level of support needed. I also run group sleep support sessions. I work with families who have children from newborn up to 5 years old and can help anywhere world wide via online consultations.

Press Snooze
Free discovery call to discuss what sleep challenges you are currently having with your little one. Full assessment. Bespoke sleep plan created for you. Consultation call via Zoom. Sleep plan emailed over to you. 2-3 weeks support - 4 calls and daily contact via email/WhatsApp From £170.00.
GBP Flat rate
Press Snooze
Free discovery call to discuss the sleep challenges you are currently experiencing with your little one. Full assessment. Consultation call via Zoom call. Your Sleep plan via email. 2-3 weeks support- 4 calls, daily WhatsApp check in if you would like this or via email. 25% off any future work including siblings. The Sleep Nanny Ebook for extra support on the go. If your child has multiple sleep difficulties and you’d like daily contact for support. (Popular package)
GBP Flat rate
Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

Laura was so kind and non judgemental which was great. She was the happy medium between sleep training methods that we needed (not too harsh or too soft). She held us to account which meant we stuck to the plan but she understood when life got in the way. She gave realistic and simple advice that works. We would definitely recommend her to everyone. Our son now goes to sleep with no rocking/feeding and sleeps until morning with no fuss.

- Kristy T.


I've learned so much working with Laura, me and billy are so much more content and finally in a routine with billys sleep pattern. I'll be forever grateful.

- Danielle T.


My only regret is that we didn't come to Laura sooner. We went from having no evening as my daughter wouldn't settle until 10pm, then wake again at 2 and take hours to settle again to our daughter being asleep by 7.30 and sleeping through the night. We also had problems with naps, my daughter only sleeping for 40 minutes at a time and taking up to an hour to get to sleep. She now sleeps for up to two hours and is asleep within 15-30 minutes. Laura listened to our problems and really got to the root of them. She made recommendations but was clear that if we didn't think it would work with our routines (we have an older child attending school so we have to be out of the house at certain times and our youngest attends nursery so we need to take that routine into account) we could try something else. She was also clear that she didn't recommend anything which she wouldn't do herself with her child. Laura is really knowledgeable and explained why our daughter behaved the way she did and what was going on physiologically. Once we started making the recommended changes to her routine, we saw a difference in our daughters sleep within a week, with further improvements in the second and third weeks. Laura is really supportive, easy to speak to and get along with. She didn't judge, listened with empathy and we are all the better for her help. Thank you!

- Debbie K.


A phrase I have regularly used when describing Laura is "the baby sleep whisperer". From the word go Laura was just such a good listener, I felt no judgement over sleep habits had formed due to severe reflux for George, from here everything was approached so calmly and in an easy and logical way. Laura genuinely has given me the chance to just take a step back and assess more closely what steps I could do to help George learn such a big skill of how to sleep. It sounds so simple, but in my sleep deprived haze I just couldn't see what small changes that could be made to improve all of our sleep. My first child had been no bother with sleep, so I had naively thought my second would be the same. As parents you are constantly told "every child is different" but when it came to sleep, it really was like chalk and cheese in terms of the differences of what both my children required when it came to sleep. Laura was so reassuring and calm, that even after just one consultation I felt instantly more confident that not only George could do it, but so could I as his mother. George was initially needing to be rocked to sleep, constantly pulled at my hair to self settle and would then wake on average around 3am-4am every day. Through Laura' advice we now have a 10 month old who not only sleeps from 7pm through to 6am every day, he is also much easier to put down for day time naps. We honestly cannot thank Laura enough for all her advice and care. Just wonderful. (Press Snooze Package)

- Sue B.

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