Laura King

Sleep Coach
Huntsville, Alabama
About me

As a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I work with families to provide the support necessary to build safe and healthy sleep habits and achieve your family’s unique sleep goals.


Master of Arts, Elementary Education PreK-6 (2010)

Certification and training

Pediatric Sleep Consultant (2021)

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Sleep Consultant


Service introduction

I offer a variety of services that cater to the specific needs of the families I work with. From newborn education, to phone consultations, 1:1 Sleep consulting packages, and more, there is a perfect fit for every situation!

Newborn Sleep Package
The newborn sleep package is a detailed sleep education course, covering the basics of a baby’s first 16 weeks of sleep. We will discuss everything you need to establish a healthy sleep foundation for your sleepy bear including realistic expectations, safe sleep practices, sleepy cues, circadian rhythms, soothing routines and sleep associations, age appropriate schedules, and so much more!
USD Flat rate
1-Hour Consultation
This option is ideal for families who need help working through a small sleep challenge – e.g. establishing a nap schedule, dropping night feedings, transitioning from swaddle to sleep sack, etc. Ages: Expectant parents – 6 years
USD Flat rate
2-Week Sleep Package
This is a 2-week 1:1 consultation and sleep-training package where we will be with you every step of the way. Can include multiples! Ages: 4 months – 6 years
USD Flat rate
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