Laura Meeks

Sleep Coach
Vandalia, Ohio
12 years of experience
About me

My mission at Healthy Happy Sleep is to equip parents with the knowledge and skills required to lay a healthy sleep foundation for their child(ren). I believe the positive effects of learning to sleep well will last a lifetime! Healthy Happy Sleep is a place to find help, support, and guidance without judgment or guilt. As a mother of seven children and two-stepsons, I’ve experienced and overcome my share of sleep challenges! I am also a certified child sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute where I received one-on-one instruction with founder, Deborah Pedrick. Throughout the course of my certification I completed over 70+ hours of training and currently attend continuing education classes and seminars regularly. I am qualified to work with children from newborns through age 5, as well as multiples and children with special needs.


Bachelors in Early Childhood Education (2002)

Certification and training

Pediatric Sleep Consultant (2012)

Parenting Leadership Coach (John Rosemond) (2016)

Memberships and affiliations

Family Sleep Institute

International Association of Sleep Consultants

Early Parenting Educator Parenting Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Babywearing Breastfeeding Support Infant Care Multiples Parenting Support Postpartum Adjustment Postpartum Life Sleep Consultant Toddlers


Service introduction

Sleep consults are typically done over the phone, via email, in person, and/or via text messaging. After you purchase a sleep package, I’ll send you an intake form for you to fill out and email back to me. This is how I will initially learn about your child’s sleep issues and sleep history. After I receive it back, we’ll schedule a 30-45 minute phone call to go over any questions I may have before creating your child’s customized sleep plan. Depending on which package you choose, I’ll walk you through how to implement the plan and how to tackle any surprises that may come up throughout the course of the plan. It typically takes 1-2 weeks to see signs of permanent progress. Some kids take longer and some respond more quickly. Some methods are faster, and some take more patience on our part to see them through. In every case the fundamental difference is whether or not the parents are consistent. If you stick to the plan and stay in touch with me regularly, the amount of time it takes to see results will be greatly reduced.

Phone Call
One-on-one opportunity for Laura to answer basic questions about your child’s sleep issues. This package does NOT include a customized sleep plan. Includes two 30-minute calls. The first call will be what Laura calls the "brain dump", when she answers all your questions and gives you a verbal plan to follow. After 7-10 days of implementing her advice the second follow-up call is scheduled.
USD Flat rate
Customized Sleep Plan only
This package includes a detailed sleep plan for your child based on the information provided on the discovery form. The plan includes recommendations about schedule, general sleep practices, a trusted method outline based on your child’s sleep issues, developmental information, feeding guidelines, etc. Does not include support.
USD Flat rate
Phone Call + Sleep Plan
This package includes an extensive, written, personalized sleep plan along with Laura's advice and encouragement by phone for two weeks. Split up an hour's worth of phone time any way you like over the two-week period - you can use four 15-min calls, two 30-min calls, three 20-min calls, two 15-min + one 30-min call - whatever your heart's desire! Add unlimited texting to complete this package for moment-to-moment advice for $100.
USD Flat rate
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