Lauren Senecal

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Winnipeg, Manitoba
7 years of experience
About me

Since becoming a mom and experiencing some of the challenges that come with that, I’ve known that I want to work with new parents and help them transition into parenthood smoothly. I believe whole heartedly that you are the right parents for your baby, and that you have the ability to make decisions that are best for them. My role is to provide you with un-biased information and resources to help you make confident decisions for your family. I am there to support you and help you build the skills and confidence you need to care for your child independently. I believe what new parents need more than anything is a non-judgemental listening ear, practical support around the house, and many, many opportunities for rest. This is what I can provide for your family if you choose to include me in your postpartum village.

Certification and training

Postpartum Doula Training with DONA International (2021)

Memberships and affiliations

DONA International

Babywearing Breastfeeding Assistance and Support Breastfeeding Support Exclusive Pumping/Bottle Feeding Infant Care Newborn Care Newborn Prep Parenting Parenting Support Postpartum Adjustment Postpartum Care Postpartum Doula Care Postpartum Life Sibling Preparation Toddlers


Service introduction

I provide non-judgemental, unbiased support for families during the first few weeks/months after childbirth. Thai support looks different for each family. Some examples of what my support could look like: ✨Practical - tidying up the house while you rest with your baby, basic lactation support, fixing you a healthy one-handed snack, or holding the baby while you take an uninterrupted shower ✨Emotional - listening to and helping to process your birth story, helping with the emotional adjustment that comes with having a new baby, or providing ideas as to how best support your partner who’s just given birth ✨Informational - providing referrals to professionals in your area, answering your questions about newborn care or postpartum recovery, or sending you videos and articles from trusted sources. My goal is to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home, so that you can focus on healing and getting to know your baby.

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