Leah Patara
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Melbourne, Victoria
8 years of experience
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About me

Leah is first and foremost a woman who is committed to a life of consciousness over convenience. She shows up with integrity and authenticity which is why it is so effortless to trust her in your most vulnerable and transformative stage of life. Her passion and purpose in this realm, is to empower every woman to first desire the birth of their dreams and then help them realise it. Leah weaves her magic by trusting her intuition and is backed by her knowledge and training as a Doula, a Conscious Conception Meditation teacher, Kinesiology, and a creator of sacred spaces. Her approach to family, her Vedic practices and her Maori culture inspire and guide her work with a depth and uniqueness that is distinctly 'Leah'. Leah has also studied Child Development in Anthroposophy which she brings into her homelife. She actively advocates for birth rights in our country and has had three children resulting in three different births. She has a keen interest in home birthing, miscarriage and healing trauma because she too has lived these realities. Leah journeys into the unknown with you as your guide, your confidante, and your biggest cheerleader. Her greatest joy is for you to feel and know your own strength and beauty as a woman and a mother.

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Service introduction

This package speaks to the birthing person who knows she needs extra support with her in the birthing space. She wants to set herself up to surrender fully into the process and allow Leah to hold her in it. This option allows you to put that 'red thread' of support in place so that you can heal trauma, fully trust and let go and enjoy the process of birthing your baby. Pre-Birth Support - 3 sessions of 2 Hours Birth Intuitive Card Reading Birth Preparation with Partner - 3 Hours Labour/Birth Support - 24 Hours Postpartum Support Inc Food - 2 Sessions of 2 Hours

3 x session pre natal 1 x partner 3 hour birth support Birth labour support Post Partum x 2 Please contact for more details
AUD Flat rate
VIP post Partum package
2-3 hour visits once a week Meal/snacks for the whole family per visit Choice of: -Foot massage -20 minute mediation -bath or shower wash hair -Personal space/walk -Foot bath/brush hair -Motherhood Mantra Meditation House keeping Birth debrief / weekly debrief email Discussions of sex after giving birth Vaginal Steam Closing Of The Bones Ceremony Motherhood Mantra Meditation Intuitive card Reading Shopping/ coffee or chai run (at client’s own expense) Breastfeeding support Postnatal depletion self-care rituals Bra-fitting of Intimo products (purchases at client’s own expense)
AUD Flat rate