Leanne Stitt

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Ulverston, England
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Hi, I’m Leanne, Mummy to Livvy and 2 cockapoos. I am a Specialist Practitioner in Nursing by background, working within the NHS for 10 years. It is through my own experiences that I found myself aspiring to be a Doula. My aim is to offer a Collaborative Approach to Individualised Care in Fertility, Pregnancy & Post Partum. I want to help you build a good relationship with your service provider so that a mutual understanding is made and everyone that will be present in YOUR birth space feels comfortable with your choices. I only take on a limited number of clients at any one time to make sure I can give you the full care and attention you deserve. By offering Fertility, Birth & Postpartum Support, my purpose is to reduce any stress, allowing you to pay attention to your body and your baby. I love protecting your experience, so a good foundation is made.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2018)

Certification and training

Pregnancy, Birth & Post Partum Doula (2022)

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Service introduction

Hi, I’m Leanne 👋 A Doula based in Cumbria offering fertility, pregnancy, birth & postpartum support. I am passionate that informed choices are facilitated to ensure that peace of mind can be achieved. Navigating the NHS can be very challenging and rushed due to the demands on the service. I hope to bridge a gap so that your healthcare provider and you can build a relationship to ensure a positive birth experience.

The Supreme Doula
Aim: For those that want support from first contact right through to the fourth trimester. The Supreme Doula is a wrap-around package that is tailored to the birthing person and their partner(s) needs. We will have up to 10 hours of antenatal care. You will receive the Preparation Package (3 x 2 hour antenatal sessions) and have an additional 4 hours of antenatal support. These additional hours are to be used as general catch ups, check ins, any research you want support with etc. I will let you know as the total of your antenatal hours approaches and you will be given the option of having access to additional hours of support if you feel you need it. We will get to know and trust each other and spend many hours discussing how you want your birth to be and how, together, we can make it happen. The Supreme Doula Package is about nurturing the birthing person from the moment we meet. Our first antenatal session will be about discussing your wants and needs for the birth. Over the 10 hours, we will discuss the birthing persons anatomy and how baby knows how to be born and your body knows how to birth! We will work on various exercises, your partner will have the opportunity to learn techniques for pain relief, we will discuss and play with optimal birthing positions and we will dispel any fears you have about entering the birthing space. I will be on call for your labour from 10 days before your guess date until baby is born. Through your pregnancy I will be available over the phone at agreed times and we will have a private Whats App which your birth partner(s) can be included in if you choose. I will then be with you from the moment you say you need me as you go into labour right up until you and your birth partner feel comfortable for me to step away. I will be there to advocate, support and remind you of how beautiful and strong you are. Once you have birthed, it is important that the new family get time to nestle in the warmth of home, with minimal disturbances. The postpartum period is a soft and gentle time. Keeping the balance is delicate and so I leave it up to the family to tell me when they would like me to come. After the birth I will gently check in with the family via Whats App or a phone call, here we can discuss at what point you would like in person Doula Diary Support. The Supreme Doula includes 6 hours of postnatal visits, at any time, over the first 8 week period. The postnatal visits include meals, any light duties around the home and of course conversation, support and restorative practices.
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The Restorative Doula
Aim: To equip you to make the best decisions for you and support to nurture you in your postpartum period and facilitate a calm experience. The Restorative Doula includes approximately 2 hour conversation in person or via zoom about how to choose where to give birth, role of the birth partner, considerations for the birth and your postpartum plan. The majority of this package is focused on the postpartum period. Once you have given birth you will have access to a 2 hour birth debrief and adjustment visit. The remaining hours will be 6 hours of Doula Diary support in your home arranged to your preferences. This is a home service whereby if you feel comfortable I will come into your home for a total of 6 hours over 8 weeks. A visit will last about two hours, However the 6 hours of postpartum care can be split however you feel necessary across the first 8 weeks after birth. Each visit will include a nourishing meal for you and your family. The visits are truly led by you and your needs. If you would like support with your feeding choices, bathing the baby, further sign posting, support around the house, a comforting drink and a chat I am available to nurture you in this time. We will have a birth debrief and I will signpost you and your family to any services that may be able to support any additional needs.
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The Preparation Doula
Aim: Sessions to understand birthing physiology and how to prepare for your unique birthing journey, Antenatal sessions only. 6 hours in total 3 x 2 hour session. In person, via Zoom or a mixture of the two. First Session: Anatomy of the birthing body and how to prepare. Each birth is unique and unfolds in its own beautiful way. Learning how to prepare and understanding the role of hormones and how they work with your body, will influence the birth you desire, with as little intervention as possible. Second Session: The birth and postpartum plan. This is a discussion based around your wants and needs for those early days and adjusting to life with a new baby. We will look at your rights and discuss how you want to be advocated for should you feel you need it. Third Session: This is the final session before your baby joins the party. In this session we will look at optimal positioning for labour and how your birth partner can physically support you. Did you know you don’t actually have to stay on the bed, movement is so valuable!
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The lovely Leanne was my birthing partner nearly 5 years ago - before she started training to be a Doula - and even without any previous experience she was an absolutely amazing support throughout my whole birthing process (pregnancy through to birth). I could not have done it without her! Leanne attended my appointments with me and was constantly researching the different stages of my pregnancy as the weeks went on to ensure she knew how to support me best. Leanne made me feel so so comfortable throughout the whole of my labour and made sure my needs were tended to - she even provided strawberries for my cravings 👀🍓 I can honestly say my whole pregnancy journey would not of been the same without Leanne there by my side - especially at the birth! I can’t recommend her services enough 💗

- Sam B.

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