Lindsay Sinopoli
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Sleep Coach
Charlotte, North Carolina
3 years of experience
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About me

From one formerly lost and exhausted Mother to another, I am here for you, Mama. With scientifically proven sleep and behavior methods and a huge serving of maternal empathy, I am here to support your through your family's sleep challenges and bring peace and sweet rest to your home. If you thrive on structure, routine and predictability like I do, my support packages are for you. Once we choose the package that best suits your needs, I will use in-depth analysis through the use of your personalized family sleep diary to help you implement the most effective, appropriate method to improve sleep in your home. During our 1-2 hour consultation and 2 weeks of daily follow up support, you will gain practical skills to implement consistent, restorative sleep and trouble shoot any sleep challenges you might face down the road. Reach out today to schedule your consultation and very soon, you will be enjoying the benefits of a Jolly Good Night's Sleep xo


BA Business Management and Clinical Team Leadership (2010)

Certification and training

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant (FSI) (2021)

Memberships and affiliations

Certified by the Family Sleep Institute and the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC)

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach


Service introduction

*In-home consultations *Virtual Consultations *Newborn Sleep Masterclass *Overnight Support *1:1 Coaching *Infant Sleep Coaching *Toddler Sleep Coaching *Pre-school Sleep Coaching *Support for Newborns to Pre-teens

Comprehensive Sleep Training Support
Sleep challenges we will transform: * Early morning wake ups * Nap refusals * Short naps * Crib refusal * Bedtime battles * False start bedtimes * Own bed/bedroom refusal * Multiple night wakings * Nighttime feeds and reverse cycling * Nightmares, night terrors & fear of the dark * Leaving bedroom multiple times * Sibling room share disruption Your package includes: 2 - 3 days of exploratory sleep analysis to comprehensively evaluate your little one's sleep challenges prior to our meeting 1-2 hours of Virtual Consultation Nursery walk-through and sleep environment optimization Successful sleep schedule breaking down each element of the day; no more guesswork! Digital guides for upcoming milestones and sleep developments Unlimited daily communication throughout our 2 weeks of follow-up support with access to and expert daily monitoring of your child's Sleep Diary Your sleep plan will map out for you precisely how to handle to those bedtime meltdowns, step by step, and how to respond to all of those night wakings and short naps in a way that supports your child, while still encouraging and working towards a sustainable, peaceful night sleep for your whole family * Suitable for 4 month olds up to 8 year olds
USD Flat rate
Sleep Strategy Phone Call
If thing's get off-course and you're looking for some strategic direction, let's hop on a call and talk through your little one's sleep challenges and I will talk you through exactly how to to put things back together (no follow up support included)
USD Flat rate
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