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Enriched Birth® offers childbirth education and birth story listening sessions. Our classes are inclusive, non-judgmental, evidence-based, respectful, and compassionate.

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Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators (2020)

Birth Story Medicine Listener (2021)

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Childbirth Education


Service introduction

Enriched Birth offers in-person and virtual childbirth education, birth planning sessions, and healing birth story medicine sessions.

Childbirth Preparation Course
6-8 hours of live, dynamic instruction from two Lamaze-certified childbirth educators and mothers (Linsay and Angel!) A packet of materials including the comprehensive course guide, planning prompts, supplies for our class games and activities, as well as handouts with valuable information and resources to take with you to your birthing location. This includes 80+ birth planning icons and a birth plan template. See visuals below for more information! Emails with videos, articles, and resources related to the course topic along with additional prompts for reflection and planning. One month of email support from Lamaze-certified childbirth educators, Linsay and Angel Our class is highly interactive and fun and we encourage participation and questions both during the class and via email. We believe that much of the fear around birth is due to lack of exposure. We teach the anatomy of birth and discuss the pain of birth in order to give parents a sense of what to expect and an understanding of what is happening to their body. We also believe that expectant parents should be empowered to give birth however they feel is best for them. We teach self-advocacy, reflection on birthing preferences, and we support all types of birth in the hopes that each of our students walks away from their birth feeling like they had a positive experience. Our private childbirth preparation course is taught by Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators and reflects the latest evidence-based best birth practices.
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Birth Planning Session
If you've already given birth or have taken a childbirth education course, we welcome you to schedule a planning session with us to discuss your intentions for this birth and prepare a birth plan. Birth plans are used to facilitate conversations and help you advocate for yourself during your delivery. We will spend 1.5 hours together discussing your previous births, any concerns and hopes you have for this birth, and best practices for labor and delivery that may be relevant to you (subject, of course, to your care provider's recommendations). Together, we will draft a plan for how you can have a positive birth experience. Prior to our session, you will receive a questionnaire with reflection prompts and questions that will help guide our time together. After the session you will receive a customized draft birth plan as well as a library of over 80 birth plan icons for you to finalize your birth plan(s) and share with your birth team. In addition to the birth planning tools, you will likely also receive resources, recommendations, and additional evidence-based documents, depending on what was discussed during our time together.
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Birth Story Medicine Healing Session
Birth is a unique journey for everyone. Allow yourself to heal from a difficult experience through guided, solution-focused dialogue. A labyrinth in which we often meet or are reacquainted with parts of ourselves that have been dormant or repressed, birth can also be filled with twists and turns we did not expect or prepare for. These moments can trigger an emotional response that can be difficult to cope with. Our birth story sessions are intended to explore those parts of your birth and help you find peace and new meaning as you continue along that journey. Your session will be individually tailored to discover what is still unresolved or feels broken or painful about your birth. Each private session is approximately 90 minutes in length and is led by Linsay Hiller, a Certified Birth Story Medicine® Birth Story Listener.
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