Lucia Oliveira
Sleep Coach
Bridgewater Township, New Jersey
2 years of experience
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About me

Hello! My name is Lucia and I'm the owner and founder of Dreaming of Lulubies, a sleep consulting practice that empowers parents to instill healthy sleep habits in their children and teach them how to sleep independently while still building connections together. I work with families (virtually) around the world!

Certification and training

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant (2022)

Sleep Consultant

English, Portuguese

Service introduction

IMAGINE SLEEPING AGAIN? Longer stretches of sleep. Solid naps. A predictable schedule. No, it’s not impossible. From sleepless nights to restful nights, Lucia can take you there! The results are life-changing!

This all-inclusive program will help you go from sleepless nights to restful nights! It's a game-changer! I take a holistic approach and create a sleep plan that aligns with your parenting style and coach you along the way. Not only do we establish a solid bedtime routine, but we work on naps and daytime routines. You will go from being sleep-deprived to sleep rejuvenated! WHAT IT INCLUDES: • Complete a questionnaire to help understand your child’s current sleep habits and needs • A customized sleep plan that meets your child's needs and aligns with your parenting style • A 45-minute video call to review your child’s sleep plan and answer any questions • Unlimited text (via Voxer) support for the full 2-week sleep program (between the hours of 7am- 9pm EST) • One 20-minute troubleshooting call that can be used anytime during the 2-week program • One 20-minute success call to answer any last-minute questions and celebrate your child and family wins • A daily sleep log to keep track for your child’s sleep throughout our days and nights together • Feedback on your existing schedule and age-appropriate suggestions for improvement • A check-in email or text within 30 days of completing the program • An after-program continued support guide and sleep chart
USD Flat rate
This package is perfect for newborns through infants up to 4 months old, designed to help parents get through the 4th trimester with knowledge and confidence regarding their new baby’s sleep habits. WHAT IT INCLUDES: • New and/or Expectant parent questionnaire • A comprehensive newborn sleep guide to help you navigate through the first 3 months with your little one • A 45-minute sleep foundation call to clarify what to expect from your newborn’s sleep patterns • A virtual sleep environment assessment to ensure safe sleep practices • A weekly check-in text (via Voxer) for the first 3 months of the baby's life
USD Flat rate
This 45-minute call is tailored specifically to each family’s concerns, to address sleep-related questions and issues. This call is a good fit for families that have already established healthy and independent sleep habits for their child(ren) but are simply looking to troubleshoot. WHAT IT INCLUDES: • Complete a questionnaire to help understand your child’s current sleep habits and needs • A 45-minute call to address your child’s sleep struggles, with suggestions for next steps!
USD Flat rate
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