Macy Cupp

Childbirth Educator
Arvada, Colorado
About me

Hi! I'm Macy and I'm a virtual prenatal doula and birth educator, living in Arvada, CO. I'm originally from Michigan but I moved to Colorado a year ago for my other job as a pilot. I discovered my passion for birth a few years ago and knew I wanted to become a doula, that's why I started my virtual doula business. If you're looking for someone to help answer your questions and educate you on what to expect for birth, look no further. I would be so happy to help you and your partner during the beautiful journey of pregnancy.


Bachelor of Science (2017)



Service introduction

Right now I only offer virtual prenatal and birth education. This could apply to you if: - you're planning a free birth and just have a few questions you need to be answered - you're planning a home or hospital birth and want a birth education but don't necessarily want a doula in the room with you - you want a birth education and to learn how you and your partner can advocate for yourselves without a doula at the birth - you want a birth education but because of some past trauma you don't want another person in the birth room with you I also work with people who have experienced sexual abuse or previous birth trauma to help them find healing modalities and understand what their triggers may be when they give birth.

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