Madhumitha Rajakittu

Birth Doula
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
About me

I am a certified birth and postpartum doula, certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation educator and Certified Hypnobirthing educator serving Lancaster, York and Harrisburg areas in Pennsylvania. To me, Birth is the most sacred event in nature. And my goal is to empower every birthing person have the birth they desire. I am here to provide emotional, physical and informational support but I am also here to coach the birthing person to see the value and strength they have to do it their intended way. I see it as my utmost privilege to serve the birthing community.

Certification and training

NBDA (2021)

Evidence Based Birth Instructor (2024)

Hypnobirthing Instructor (2023)

Memberships and affiliations


Evidence Based Birth

Lamaze International

Hypnobirthing International

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English, Tamil, Telugu

Service introduction

As a birth doula, I offer prenatal consultations, continuous support throughout labor until 1-2 hours after birth and one postpartum in-person visit. Throughout pregnancy, I offer informational support based on evidence, emotional support and coaching. I will also teach movement and techniques to labor comfortably. During labor, I will coach you through pain through various positions and techniques that provide comfort and relief to the birthing person. I also offer a variety of Childbirth education classes. If you are drawn more towards Evidence Based birth, I have one for you. If Hypnobirthing is your area of interest, I have a course for you there as well. It can either be done virtually or in person.

Birth Support services
All my birth packages have a free consultation. We get to know each other and I get to answer all your questions. When we decide we are the right fit for each other, you have the option to customize your package with the elements that you decide would fit your needs. The standard birth Doula package includes the following 2 prenatal in-person visits 3 zoom check ins. Sessions include information on comfort measures, breathing techniques, pain management techniques and mindfulness during pregnancy and labor On-call from 38-42 weeks Continuous labor support up to 2 hours after the baby is born. 1 Postpartum visit within 2 weeks of birth All birth packages include 24/7 support via text, email or phone upto 6 weeks after birth. Packages can be customized based on need. Packages range from $1150 to $1950
USD Flat rate
Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education
If your goal is a calm and peaceful birthing, you are heading in the right direction with Hypnobirthing Education. This 5 * 2.5 hr course teaches you all the techniques you would need to approach birth positively. As a Gold Seal educator, I will guide you and mentor you through your pregnancy. Virtual group classes are $550 Private individual class is $750
USD Flat rate
Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Education
Evidence Based Birth is the leader in producing research based evidence based information for birthing families. Evidence Based Birth education is a great tool to have before birth so that you can walk into your birthing space with the knowledge you need for a positive birth experience. Variety of classes ranging from $45 - $450
USD Flat rate
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