Magdalena Nicholson

Sleep Coach
Denver, Colorado
6 years of experience
About me

Hello everyone, my name is Magdalena Nicholson. I'm a Newborn Care Specialist and Pediatric Sleep Consultant based in Denver Metro Area but I serve the whole US and Poland. I have always been passionate about newborn care, kids’ sleep, and educating parents on how poor quality sleep affects the whole family. I'm a strong advocate of empowering and supporting parents through education. I'm also a babywearing lover and I'm planning to become a babywearing consultant in the near future.

Certification and training

Newborn care Specialist (2018)

Pediatric Sleep Consultant (2021)

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Babywearing Evidence-Based Care Infant Care Newborn Care Overnight Newborn Care Postpartum Care Postpartum Doula Care Premature Infants Sleep Consultant Toddlers

English, Polish

Service introduction

-> Sleep Support - we are creating a 24h routine for your child based on their development, needs, and age. -> Sleep Consultations - 30, 60, or 90 min consultations. We dive into disuse a specific topic, see what is happening and how we can help you and your child. -> Guides and Webinars - from time to time we organize webinars and create guides so parents can access the information when they need them.

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