Mahri Relin

Exercise Instructor
New York, New York
14 years of experience
About me

Body Conceptions is designed to create a lean and sculpted body of a dancer, but you don’t have to be a dancer to do it! Throughout each session, every part of your body is targeted – from your arms and abs to your thighs, glutes and heart. Both the cardio and body-sculpting components of the method use integrated movements that involve multiple muscles and require engagement of and connection to your core. Every session will test your limits – but the current, exciting music combined with the energy and joy infused into the workout will make you almost forget you are working so hard! Our approach to personal training during your fertility journey, pregnancy, and postnatal recovery springs from our extensive understanding of research-based practices combined with a deep respect for the uniqueness of your body. Our trainers know how to navigate the changes you are experiencing and can pivot as needed as your body changes from week to week and even day to day. We are very sensitive to your individual needs, and we have a network of practitioners prepared to support you if needed. Many of our clients begin training with us before they are planning their pregnancies and stay with us through all of their pregnancies and beyond!


BA in Psychology (1995)

Honors in Neuroscience (1995)

Masters in Clinical Psychology (2001)

Certification and training

Certified Personal Training (2012)

Certified Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise (2012)

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant (2016)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (2013)

Certified Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist (2013)

High-Risk Pregnancy Infertility Keeping Fit Postpartum Care Pre/Post Natal Pain and Weakness Relaxation Techniques


Service introduction

We offer in-home personal training in the Body Conceptions method in NYC, Denver, San Diego, and Dallas in addition to virtual personal training all over the world depending on trainer availability. We specialize in fertility support, pregnancy, postnatal healing, and perimenopause, and we understand the ways that fitness interacts with hormone balance. Our fitness sessions are completely personalized, and you will never experience the same workout twice. We love including your little ones - whether they are in a carrier or stroller, on your blanket, or old enough to come join us for cardio dancing and exercises. In addition to our own expertise, we are connected with a wide network of specialists who provide supportive services.

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