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About me

Hi there, my name is Marj — a birth and postpartum doula, a yoga/fitness instructor, an essential oil educator, and a mom of two! I am deeply committed to wellness as a holistic lifestyle. As a DONA certified doula, I believe it is within each birthing person’s innate wisdom and ability to give birth. As well, birth should be an empowering experience. Throughout both of my own pregnancies, I practiced prenatal yoga, and I attribute my own remarkable birth experiences to my yoga practice and the HypnoBirthing method. From motherhood, becoming a birth and postpartum doula was a natural progression for me and I quickly found myself fully immersed in supporting clients through pregnancy, labour and beyond. It is in this role where I feel my intuition, guidance, and personal experiences to be incredibly supportive and valuable. The maternal period can be challenging, but with the right support, I know it can also be an incredibly joyous and transformative time. I am a diaper-free, breastfeeding, and HypnoBirthing advocate. I've been trained in many comfort techniques and tend to keep my approach educational and informative. With my help, you will gain the confidence to nourish and care for your baby and yourself in the best way possible. Reach out and send a DM @marj.wong

Certification and training

Birth certification DONA (2014)

Postpartum certification DONA (2016)

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Service introduction

Support for parents and birthing people can look different for everyone. At this time, I help parents through pregnancy, labour and beyond into postnatal support. I work online offering consults, wellness consults, prenatal appointments, private and on-demand yoga, as well as in person support.

On-demand Yoga
Each class is 10-50 mins, your partners are welcome to practice, too. A typical 1hr sequence, unfolds in a natural rhythm that mirrors the stages and phases of labour (early labour, active labour, transitioning/pushing and bliss). This class is not only a prenatal yoga class but offers tips on optimal birthing positions and has some general childbirth education information sprinkled throughout. All levels and stages of pregnancy welcome. Prices vary, starting at $11/month
CAD Flat rate
Postpartum Coaching
* 6 weeks of support used at any point within the first year of your postpartum journey * daily or weekly check-in calls via text, email, phone, video to offer focused guidance and insight specifically tailored to your needs * providing strategies, plans and ideas around; sleep, feeding, general routines and best practices, developmental goals, creating efficiencies, coping strategies, parenting tips and more * access to resources and professionals wholesale pricing and links to best recommended baby care and health and wellness products
CAD Flat rate
Virtual Birth Support
* Two virtual prenatal appointments (1-2hrs) * Unlimited phone, email, text or video support 24hr on-call care leading up to your expected date (2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after the due date) * Support throughout labour – intermittent check-ins or scheduled call/text/video One virtual postpartum appointment (1-2 hrs) * Secondary back-up doula in the unlikely event that I am unable to attend * One week of virtual postpartum support – I am still available for you for the first week pp; please call or text me. Any questions, concerns or worries Virtual support is for those who would like the addition of support without the physical presence of myself, your doula. This way we still connect virtually via, video chat, a quick phone call or text.
CAD Flat rate
Ratings and reviews
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Marj was our birth doula for my first two pregnancies, and we couldn't be happier to have her by our side! She introduced us to many techniques to cope with pain during labour, and was always available to answer our questions during pregnancy. When labour came, her suggestions and calming presence helped me focus on the process, and we had two intense, fast, healthy home births! Thanks Marj for supporting out family!

- Natalia B.


Marj was wonderful and helped make our experience with bringing our child into the world much better! We had no idea what to expect and she was always patient and ready to answer any questions we had prior to and after the birth. It was nice knowing that we had someone calm, knowledgeable and reliable to ask for help when we needed it. Marj was flexible and made an effort to meet our needs, and she kept checking up on us with friendly and encouraging messages. We had her for postpartum support and her visits gave us the brief rest we needed in order to keep on going. Our baby was so at peace in Marj’s rocking arms. Thank you, Marj! We are really grateful to have you as our doula.

- Aamna H.


Marj supported myself and my husband when I was pregnant with our first born. She was amazing at helping us prep for birth and was present when we went into labour and through our birth journey in the hospital. Marj made sure myself and my husband were comfortable and prepared for birth, teaching us both tactics for the big day. Marj advocated for me with the hospital staff and made sure my needs were met each step of the way. Marj also assisted when we got home to ensure we were settled with our newborn. Lastly, Marj and I did private yoga in my late stages of pregnancy and overall she gave me all the tools I needed for an incredibly successful birth experience. THANK YOU MARJ!

- Andrea H.